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    Hi guys

    I have been visiting this forum anonymously for a while and decided to register and ask a few questions.

    I'm trying to find a prop trader job in Toronto (indoor, not remote) but not sure which one's more suitable, or which ones are there. So far I knew Questrade, Swift, Title, and Infinium have branches here but not sure what each of them have to offer. Does anyone here have more detailed information about their:

    1) payout and fees
    2) number of ppl on the trading floor
    3) whether they require deposits
    4) currently hiring or not
    5) their trading style/strategy

    I tried to find related posts here but info is very limited. E.g. there was a thread saying Questrade (i believe the actual prop arm is called Globus Trading, the one at leslie + hwy 7?) has a payout ratio of 80%.

    Any info is greatly appreciated. I am a recent uni. graduates majoring in finance and worked at Title Trading for a year and half and would like to share my experience if anyone needs. I know some people will say "prop firms are similar and its how good you are that matters" but still it does not hurt to make more informed decisions when it comes for career choices. So again anything helps, thx in advance.
  2. Send me a PM would love to talk to you and go over some of the prop firms in Toronto
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    First of all, thanks for the reply (almost exclusively in the form of pm for some reasons...)

    So i continued searching for related topics in this forum and also someone msged me and recommended Globus and Everest Capital

    I just crossed over a thread about Everest Capital offering:
    capital: $3000 plus
    buying: 200,000 plus
    commission: 0.0004/share
    payout: 85%
    software: 200/month sterling

    and another one saying Globus has a similarly and slightly lower payout, but not sure if you need to put your own capital

    Too bad Everest is in Oakville, like a 2 hr drive from toronto with traffic...

    Well, just putting the updates here so I'm not wasting anyone time with this

    Its weird nobody mentioned anything about Infinium
  4. Just a small correction to the previous post Everest is in downtown Toronto not Oakville and they offer remote and inhouse trading, Inhouse traders are fully backed
  5. their rates are not the best.
  6. has anyone experience with MGB Trading?
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    I contacted Everest as an experience trader and was shocked with the deal they were able to offer me. I am starting there Oct 1st.
    85% and .15 / 1000 with my track record, to me that was one amazing deal compared to what i had at my two past firms
  8. no you werent shocked because you didnt get any emails from yourself.
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    I've read a few messages by senior traders at Globus on a different site (Trade2Win) where they state that they actually pay a salary, and NO risk deposit is required (even says so on their website)? Are they smudging the truth a bit? Look for usernames "glbsjack" and "hotheadedbull" on that site to see what I am talking about.

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    Infinium is legit, but not hiring. I sent them a resume, etc... awhile back. The secretary replied fairly quick. They don't require a risk deposit or anything. Still trying to confirm if Globus wants a risk deposit, etc... Their site suggests otherwise, and messages posted by their senior traders on Trade2Win confirm this, but I am reading other claims on EliteTrader. Hmm... Anyway, I recieved an email from Alex Milrud, and he hasn't provided any info on this yet. Will post everything here when I get an update from them.

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