Toronto Prop firms?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Datradr, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Anyone know any toronto firms that do NOT require a deposit and a decent commissions?

    Besides the obvious ones of Swift, Title
  2. are you looking for on location firms or do you want to trade remotely
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    I have never heard of a firm that allows remote trading with no deposit required (or "training" fee).

    To the OP, DV Trading is still around but I don't know much about them, there's also Infinium Group down on Front Street as well as a subsidiary of Title, Talent Trading down on Spadina. There's one more in Richmond Hill I think, not sure on the deposit situation though...Globus trading.

    Good luck
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    i am looking for in office ..not remote
  5. if the firm is not a BD then they can't accept a risk deposit. training fee is not a risk deposit
  6. sorry pal i cant help you then. good luck
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    ya maybe the "training fee" isnt offcially a deposit.. However, I guarantee that is what they use it the account in case the trader blows up the account.
  8. i have no idea what they do on back end. just answering the question..:)
  9. I know of a new firm opening in Toronto called Everest, PM me if you want details as I am thinking of going there as well
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    ok done
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