Toronto: please give me some advice.

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ehyayaya, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I don't know what i should put on topic, but my question is.

    Can someone list or give me the names of prop firms in toronto that is legitimate and good?

    I am a beginner, right after i graduate from University, i landed in Swft trade for 6 months. I didn't do great at all, but i just thought it as more a lesson in life.

    Afterward, i tried different jobs, got my CSC, IMT, tried CFA level 1 (failed) and now i am unemployed for 4 months.

    I am thinking to give equity trading another shot because i really enjoy doing it.

    I still don't understand the industry as it is, just recently, i am doing some reading again as i have forgotten most since it has been more then 5 years since i traded.

    I can put down 1000-2000$ as deposit as well, would like to trade in teams or group, and on a trading floor.