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  1. Looking for a place to trade in Toronto. I trade Nasdaq/New York...

    Interested in surrounding myself with committed, keen traders in market for long haul.

    Preferrably not a prop shop.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.


    Mark Cuban
  2. Mark,

    You can trade your "sports gambling hedge fund" at any convenience store in Toronto by playing pro-line.
  3. mcelitetrader

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    Where else are people having luck in Toronto...Im very close to signing on with questtrade although i haven't been able to speak with any other quest prop traders....Is there anyone out there??
  4. mcelitetrader

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    sent out a feeler through workopolis...cant seem to find them on google. Wait and see
  5. I was doing prop @ questrade for a while, ask away. :cool:
  6. soler


    how is questtrade for is their commission competitive? is cyber-pro over there solid or have any kind of problem? how easy is to withdraw funds? thx
  7. No complaints on either level, re. the above. I still use CyberTrader Pro but for retail trading (swing)/.
    Commish was based on volume. I had a pretty good deal at the time, basically the ECN rebates covered all of the commission cost if you trades it right.
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    Getting a little ahead of myself....

    Questrade was quick to get back to me to clarify all information. I dont think I did my due diligence by asking enough questions up front. The numbers are all here. I apologized for writing names on this board and using it as a forum to air my thoughts.

    Questtrade seems to be one of the top shops in the area and I am still interested in their setup.

    Again my apologies for tarnishing a name without all of the information.
  9. I never traded the NYSE, only Nasdog.
    One of the reason I chose quest was no Series 7 required and it is backed by a real brokerage. Prop accounts are not insured anywhere but at least the restof the brokerage is so you know the operation in general is legit.

    my 2¢
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