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    Time for the monthly meetup for the last Thursday of the month. This is the 27th this month and the meeting is open to any and all traders...tinkerers....and those interested in the market.

    The location is Paupers Pub 539 Bloor St. W., just 90 seconds minute away from Bathurst Subway Station. The time will be at 7:30pm.

    There have been presentations made before and if anyone is interested in adding one or testing out an idea on some likeminded traders then feel free to add your bit.

    Hope to see you there. Please respond if you can make it out.

    Yours in trading.
  2. I'll be there.
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    I'm in also --let's hope we have another good turn out.
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    If its ok, I would like to just briefly mention a few points -- to all the traders who attend our Toronto meet ups --which have been recently happening monthly --since the summer anyway.

    When we started our meet ups about a year ago -- it was just a random hook up. It is definitely nice to see it still happening -- and everyone seems to benefit in the socializing and network etc.

    In my humble opinion -- the first and most important aspect of the hook ups is:

    number uno -1: There is to be absolutely no pressure on anyone for anything -- no pressure to attend -- and no pressure to organize -- nothing --zip. To me this is an important point which needs to be emphasized.

    number two -- all are welcome --from the very beginners in trading to the more experienced ones. Me personally, I have only been trading a year now -- and still not profitable -- but I have benefitted from the hook ups -- from the learning from others and just plain old socializing.

    That is all..

    Having said that, what I am hoping is the hooks ups can eventually start happening on their own. Our simple structure is already in place ---So far we have a core of three characters who take turns in the organizing: Torontotrader, Mcelitetrader and myself. It is hoped we can increase the core three to about the core 6 --better would be the core 12. With a core 12, that means each person would organize one hook up per year. So for those who attend, everyone will eventually need to at some point organize on hook up -- as are hook ups are more of a coop nature.

    Also in each hook up, it is requested that one person volunteer and give a 5 - 10 min presentaion on their trading system. The reward ones gets for that is the group buys the presenter a beer --by passing a tip envelope around and every one who attends puts in one dollar. If the presenter for some odd reason does not want the tip envelope, as what happened last hook up -then we simply hand over what is in the tip envelope to the first --one or two homeless persons who pass by our table. ---we have been heckled by homeless persons at almost every hook up -- since we are downtown and a lot of homless persons are in the area.

    Lastly, it is hoped that everyone who attends comes with the spirit of contributing and sharing their knowledge -- that in the end is what will make the hooks up long lasting and enjoyable. Regardless of ones trading experience, everyone will benefit.

    So who would like to give a brief presentation on their trading system --next hook up -- keep it short, simply -- and most important relevant --meaning the system really works -- makes real moolah in the real world -- and not just the theoretical world...
  5. (I think I posted this to Aug vs. September, sorry for the duplcate request).

    A quick request to all Ontario traders, please. As many of you many know, we have been trying to get the Ontario Securities Commission to approve U.S. trading firms for years. We are setting up a meeting soon, and have a bunch of letters and emails asking for the Commission to consider the U.S. firms (and Bright in particular to begin with), so that Ontario traders have a choice, and options in pursuing their careers in trading.

    If anyone would like to help, simply send me an email to and say something like "I would like to explore trading with Bright" - nothing commital or anything, just a vague request.

    Thanks in advance,


  6. Will try and make it:D
  7. I would be glad to speak to your group when I come up to meet with the OSC. I will have Rob Friesen, President of our PairCo division in Vancouver, with me. No "theoretical" with us, we'll show you what is working and how.

    Help me get some emails to support the cause of giving trades a viable alternative from a licensed, registered, U.S. firm (ours and others).

    (I would be glad to speak, with or without the letters, but they would sure be nice).

  8. in case anyone is interested...

    Toronto Technical Analysis Summit, Saturday, November 3, 2007. Featuring <b>Bollinger, Nison, Pring</b>, and others. Presented by the Financial Forum, Sponsored by E*Trade, Canadian Society of Technical Analysts. Visit for details.

    Cost is $100 for members of CSTA and $195 for non-members before 30 Sep, $295 afterwards.

    ALSO, the CSTA meets regularly in several cities. We have monthly meetings in Toronto, including a software group mtg.

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    Since no one has offered to do a presentation, then if its ok with mcelitetrader, I would not mind disclosing my highly safe guarded (locked in my vault which I hire I security guard 24hours a day to watch over) trading system on the forex market. If you are new to forex (or even expereinced) then I think you will benefit from my expereince and knowledge so far as a forex trader. This system that I use has a good track record which I will also share.

    My only requirement is there has to be at least eight traders present -- but preferably 15 --with full attention --not being distracted by the good looking women at the bar -- or watching the traffic go bye -- as I will be asking skill testing questions after the presentation. For those who fail the test you will be requested to put in $2.00 instead of the regular $1.00 in the tip jar.

    If of course we don't get the minimum eight traders, then I will hold off the presenation for next time -- cheers, pbw.
  10. Hi,

    I am coming. I have learnt a new strategy on forex for GBP/USD. I have not used it. I would like to share it and receive your input. It looks promising on backtesting.
    PBW let me know if it is possible.
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