Toronto Meetup Oct 25 2007

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  1. Hello,

    Time for the monthly meetup for the last Thursday of the month. This is the 25th this month and the meeting is open to any and all traders...tinkerers....and those interested in the market.

    The location is Paupers Pub 539 Bloor St. W., just 90 seconds minute away from Bathurst Subway Station. The time will be at 7:30pm.

    <Hr><b>We also learn the secrets systems of profitable traders in Toronto. </b> <hr>

    There have been <i>excellent</i> presentations made before and if anyone is interested in adding one or testing out an idea on some likeminded traders then feel free to add your bit.

    Hope to see you there. Please respond if you can make it out.

    Also if someone can share his/her trading strategy that would be nice. We can have a 10 min presentation on that.

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    I'm in ---
  3. As usual, I'll be there.
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    Looks like I will be giving the next presentation as no one else has offered. I will be giving a presentation on Forex trading and a good clean trading stratedgy that so far has given good results since last January. Anyone new to Forex or expereinced should benefit well from my talk. There needs to be a minimum of eight present --but preferably 15 - or I will save it for the next hook up.

    Other possible topics to be discussed: how about the idea of starting a Toronto traders coop office -- I also need to get out of the house.
  5. I don't know, but it seems a bit too organized for me. I prefer the casual atmosphere that we have.
  6. Thanks, Vanquish. I knew it had to be something, because those people would come to OUR meetings.

    Have a good day.

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    TO, I also belong to that group myself -- not the monthly meetings as I just learned about that from your post. I will probably check them out when I have time. Personally I would reconmend them to especially beginners --you do have to pay a membership fee to join them. They got me started in trading --if you have any questions about them send me a pm --I could probably anwers most of your questions. They cover the basics only and leave the rest for you to figure out -- that is how it is in most trading schools anyway. Vanquish was also a member there once I beleive.
  8. Are you guys all based in and around the GTA?

    I am moving from London, England to Wasaga Beach, Ontario this weekend. I trade Bond, STIR, Commodity and Index futures both for my PA and a London Based Hedge Fund, i previously worked on the Liffe floor in London for a big US Bank from 94 until 2000. Since then i have been trading as a local with a few financial backers, but been involved with Hedge Fund since Feb.

    Wasaga Beach u ask?? Because i trade remotely from home and seems like a nice place for my kids to grow up. Would be great to have some contacts over there.

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