Toronto meetup March 20th

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  1. To all my fellow Toronto traders,

    The next Toronto meetup will be on the March 20th (2 weeks from today) at Paupers Pub on Bloor St. We usually meet on the second floor, closest Subway stop is Bathurst Stn.

    This meeting is an open invitation to any traders looking to meet and discuss current trading setups and ideas. It is always casual and we have a regular group that consistently appear.

    It is always good to see some new faces. Please post a response saying YEA or NEY to attending the meeting.


    Nafeez a.k.a Tach

    P.S We need a presenter for this months meeting, I nominate our good friend
  2. pbw


    Barry's presentation last month was not up to standard. He didn't give one. The only thing he seemed to talk about was the different grades of beer on the menu.

    If I am not mistaken, sumosam volunteered to do the March presentation on Adrienne Toghraie. If she is still planning on doing it, perhaps she can confirm it. If not then Barry has to indeed make up for last month's poor performance. If however he even mentions beer this time I will likely be throwing the menu at him....
  3. sumosam


    Yes, i am still up for a presentation on Adrienne Toghraie's seminar. I have never been to Paupers. I take it is around Bathurst and Bloor. I would appreciate more specifics....i.e. north or south side of Bloor and east or west of Bathurst. I take it we start at 7:00 p.m.

    :D :p
  4. cold


    Ahh how I want to be there

    Vancouver traders suck lemon, here you only get super old geezers who really can't do better than 30% a year

    OR you get young asian traders who really don't know what they are doing and are blowups waiting to happen, but that's ok they just call Taiwan and get more funds from rich dads

    so I am thinking Toronto is better
  5. pbw


    Toronto is not better--, the first year you usually always get the lemons and flakes --no matter where you are. However, if you stick it out past the first year, you start getting the more quality traders. So stick it out -- I go to Vancouver to visit family here and there and would certainly drop in if you chaps have a night out. Keep it social primarily and supportive--no need for competing flakey traders to show up.
  6. Sumosam

    Glad that you have taken the initiative to take on this months presentation, that is very much appreciated.

    Here is a link to the paupers pub website for additional directions.

    I also take the subway, as soon as you get out of the subway take a left and then an immediate left onto Bathurst, Paupers is on the right across the street from the Starbucks, its pretty easy to find once your on Bathurst, all told its about a 3 min walk from the Stn

    Hope that helps

    Nafeez aka Tach

    Barry: Looks like your off the hook this
  7. Helen2


    I will come by if you ever meet on a Friday evening.
  8. I'm there
  9. mcelitetrader

    mcelitetrader ET Sponsor

    Time to chime in...!

    My presentation on QID outlined another trading opportunity in the busy ETF market. I definitely will put together a presentation on paper for a future meeting. Please hold me to that.

    These meetups give a great opportunity to meet with traders from in and around Toronto. I think we have a good mix of ages with this group and it always makes for interesting topics and ideas.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  10. sumosam


    How long should the presentation be? I take it, usually around 15 minutes. I love to review what I've come away with....and may not be that formal. Maybe we can get into a discussion which could take half an it true that I get a free beer?

    (which, if true, I will be sure to order a jug!!!!!)

    :D :D :D

    The S.S.
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