Toronto meetup February 21st

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by mcelitetrader, Feb 14, 2008.

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    The next Toronto meetup will be on the 21st of February at Poppers Pub on Bloor St.

    This meeting is an open invitation to any traders looking to meet and discuss current trading setups and ideas. It is always casual and we have a regular group that consistently appear.

    It is always good to see some new faces. Post a note here to say you can make it out.

  2. sumosam



    Have already scheduled the following week. I know you can't please everyone. Two weeks notice would be good, although I know its a short month, and weather has been brutal! Have one for me!

    Please, if possible, I would appreciate 2 weeks notice as I often work into the late evenings. Thx.

    :p :D
  3. mcelitetrader

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    The 2nd last Thursday of every month is the pattern. How does that grab you? You can plan out every Thursday for the the rest of your trading year. :D

    Too bad you cant make it out but I hope we can see you next month.
  4. I'm there. And I owe Vanquish a beer.

  5. lol:D
  6. pbw


    I'm in out up down --whatever
  7. pbw


    btw Barry is scheduled to give a presentation -- perhaps he could make a post what his topic may be..

    And I also agree that posting of the event should be done at least two or three weeks before the hook up. Reason being some may want to start a discussion -- and also of course it gives others ample time to plan their attendance.
  8. pbw


    Btw, not interfeering in MCE's plans --but at Paupers, we usually meet for 7pm and not 7:30pm -- for those who want to take advantage of the half price specials at the pub --which last from 4 -7pm -- so one needs to arrive about 10 minutes earlier for that -- and also its more quiet at that time ---we usually meet on the second floor...
  9. mmmarkus


    Will be a little late, but will drop by.

  10. pbw


    CSTA's --software group Tasug is doing a free presentation on Wed Jan 27 --7pm-9pm. at the Strathcona hotel. I am planning to attend -- if anyone else is interested let me know.
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