Toronto Hook-up April 17 (New Venue)

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  1. The venue has changed.

    The next Toronto Traders Hook-up will be on April 17 at a bar called “On the Rocks” at 7:15pm.

    On the Rocks is located near Royal York station. You get off at Royal York subway station. Take the Greenview Exit. Walk to Bloor street. Take a left. DO NOT CROSS BLOOR. It’s at 2956 Bloor st. W.

    Last hook-up we nominated PBW to do a presentation.

    PBW, it would be good if you sent each member an outline of your presentation. Please put it on Power Point and email it to us all. Secondly, please put it on a PDF format for people who do not have Power Point. Third, Please Fedex the presentation to each member. Fourth, it might be a good idea to create a website and put an outline of your presentation on video so that we may have a good look.

    Just kidding. I, Torontoman, will do a short and simple presentation.
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    I definitely like the idea of doing a tour of different bars in the city. However this particular bar at Royal York is suspiciously close to Vanquish's home. What some buggers will do to avoid having to dish out two subway tokens. Your presentation TO man better be worth it.
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    I'm in!:D :D
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    We need at least 15 persons to show up for this hook up --a new rule has been passed by the committee that states the last person who signs up will be required to buy a drink for the presenter and organizer. This rule is firm with no exceptions. Hence.. for those who are short of money should sign up soon..
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    I'm new around here, currently working in equity research for the wealth management side of a bank.

    I would like to join you guys if you don't mind, as I'm an aspiring trader and want to get to know the Toronto scene.

    What are you guys all about?

    Props? Indpendants?

    Let me know, I look forward to heaing back from you all.

    Thanks :)
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    We have a good variation of props and independents. Our turn out usually has about 10 - 15 traders. Each month a trader gives a short presentation on their trading style or what ever topic they wish -- in return the group buys a beer for the presenter. Its very laid back and casual -- no pressure on anyone to attend or organize --we get enough pressure from the markets. Sometimes we may get an unexpected guest --like Don Bright --hope to see you if can make it. We are doing a tour of different bars through the city presently --hence this next bar is a new one for us located in the west end --Royal York and Bloor.
  9. Im in - sounds like a good venue
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    Hi everyone,

    I live in North York area, and just wonder if I can also
    sign up for the Hook up?
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