Toronto garbage workers go on strike...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by PragmaticIdeals, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Because they lost 18 bankable sick days per year...

    From the article:

    “Unless he is in Never Never Land, there is not a hope in hell of wrapping this up in a week,” said Ann Dembinski, president of Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 79, which represents about 18,000 inside workers.

    Anyone else find this richly ironic?
  2. Garbage collection should be considered an essential service. They should not be allowed to go on strike.
  3. Agree. So should healthcare.

  4. agreed, so should energy workers, farmers, babysitters, cable company employees, autoworkers, ect...
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  6. S2007S


    Shouldn't they just be glad and smiling ear to ear to have a job in this crisis.

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  7. sumosam


    Problem was, city councillors gave themselves a 2.4% raise, and now are expecting workers to have cuts to their benefits.

    Stupid councillors, now toiurism will be shot to hell. I don'tagree with strike action....i live in Etobicoke where we decided to privatize garbage collection. they get $18/hr with no garbage workers get $25.11 plus pension, generous benefits, and yes 18 days/yr. I used to work there. Had to leave. A cesspool of entitlement.
  8. jazzsax


    I was in etobicoke but moved a bit further north once I bought my house (still in toronto though...)

    Miller is a douche. Last thing you do when you want your unions to take a freeze is take a raise yourself.