Toronto-Bruce's Daytrading Journal

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  1. I daytrade the Dow Jones E-Mini future. I average 2-3-4 trades a day. I trade off a five minute and one minute charts. I use moving average lines and fast-set stochastics. I enter long or short trades when a wave / hook / regression is formed and broken out of. I have a very small daily profit objective of only $50 / 10 ticks per contract being traded . . . which is equivilant to 10% ROI based from the base margin requirement ($500 req per contract) = $50 using $500 = 10% roi. Some days I make a lot more, and someday I have losing days.
    This journal, I will post my trades for interested parties to monitor and follow. I am NOT seeking funds from potential investors, but am willing to train traders in my method if desired.