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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by deek, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. deek


    I know Bright has been working on opening an office in Toronto. For all those anxious Canadian traders waiting for Bright to open, does anyone have an update on the status of Bright in T.O. ?
  2. lidodido


    deek, they are still not sure when the Toronto office is going to open. Apparently they are having trouble with regulators there - red tape etc. (Canadadian securities regulators appear famous for it.)
  3. Let me assure everyone, now that I have another "fan" on the board....there is nothing that we are doing to slow up Toronto, there has been no one added to the trading arena in the area at all. We have been authorized for the longer term in British Colombia, and the regulators are still trying to figure out what to do with professional firms in the Country.

    We are really sorry that it is taking so long......we want nothing more than to help the Canadians out with their trading options.

  4. onondaga


    Don, what are the requirements (capital, licenses, etc) to trade in the Vancouver office?
  5. Same as in any of our US offices, Series 7 (some capital, depending on your experience, etc.). Call Rob Friesen at: 604.539.8700 to discuss in more detail.....

    I'll be in the office next Monday, feel free to call me as well.

    Don 800.249.7488
  6. onondaga


    Thanks, Don. I can't do anything for a few more months yet. I am on business & vacation on the east coast until Oct.
  7. deek


    Maybe you can post a monthly status update on this thread to keep us Canadians up on the latest info for Toronto. I'm sure it would be appreciated by many.