Toronto - A Pest House?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trader5287, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. World Health Organization just killed their local economy. Mayor screaming like a stuck pig on CNBC. So, is he the mayor of Amity in Jaws? Thoughts?

    Fact is, SARS isn't being contained and here in North America we have a tourist season coming on not to mention that Toronto is Canada's largest city in our largest trading partner nation.

    Might be time to face the music that this is bug is getting serious legs.

  2. so what are you going to do, leave?
  3. I live in Toronto and I must say that this SARS thing is being blown out of proportion a lot. Granted, this disease isn't something to take lightly but you have to keep in mind that less than 150 out of 5 million people in the greater Toronto area have contracted SARS (16 have died). I don't feel the least bit scared riding on the subway or walking through the mall or eating in a chinese food restaurant or anything like that. This W.H.O. thing is complete bullshit and it's too bad our city's economy will likely suffer as a result of this overreaction.
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    I was recently in Toronto and even ate in the old Chinatown (close to city hall). Everything is fine. No one is wearing masks. This will pass. I wish the WHO would take a valium and go after the Communist idiots instead of Toronto.