TOPX versus N225

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by bundlemaker, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Since I've decided to forgo with sleep, I'm looking for an evening market to trade. Between these two, which is more liquid and moves reasonably? All comments welcome.
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    have you looked at the HSI in Honk Kong? i'm not too familiar w/the ones you mentioned, but the HSI has a lot of opprotunity to make some cash(or lose some) each tick is 50 HKD= 6.45 USD, if you have IB the data is free, you should take a look at it, but hold on, it moves a lot, it will literally move 100pts in a minute, and it happens all of the time, the spreads are usually 3-5 ticks, you can split the spreads, executions are fast, there's enough volume on it, i believe the volume is similiar to the YM.
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    Hong Kong is on my list, those fast moves do concern me a bit. Also, Tokyo opens a couple hours earlier than Hong Kong (I'm central time). I take it from your comments the HSI is day tradable. I don't scalp, but don't like to take anything home with me.
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    i'm cst also HSI opens up at 7:45 cst-10:30, then there's a break, and reopens and 12:30-2:15am, yes it's daytradeable, mainly you're only going to get one move in the first session and one in the second, the second session is usually a little calmer, if you can catch one of the moves, you can make a ton on just one contract, one contract is about 2800.00 USD. also at the open of the second session, it usually doesn't open at the close of the first session, basically you can treat it as two different days in one.
  5. How does IB handle the currency issue for a US-based universal account that trades a foreign market? Do you get hit for an FX transfer everytime you trade, only for an overnight or what?
  6. This is from IB web site:

    "when you want to trade a product denominated in another currency, a margin loan is created which is secured by your deposited currency"

    I'm assuming that a day trade would not accrue any margin interest. Someone in the know please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    - N225 has 10 tick increments. You can spend a half hour waiting for a move or for your order to get to the top of the book. However, when it moves, watch out....

    - TPX: 5 point tick and you might find it easier to trade.

    - Take a look at N225 options. Tighter spreads, good liquidity, more movement.

    - HK: been trading it for 9 years. Good market.

    Just trade as normal and we provide a margin loan. If in/out in the same day, no charge. However, profit/loss will remain in the local currency and you'll need to use IDEAL to convert back to your base currency (this may change soon as we may start allowing mult-currency wires). If overnight you pay interest on the margin loan (get credit interest on the other side) and thus it doesn't amount to much.
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    what i do when trading froeign markets(thanks to def, helped me out on this) is trade normally, liked he mentioned, and the at the end of the week exchange your currency through TWS IDEAL, i guess you can do it every day if you want, i just wait unitl the end of the week.
  9. def, blb, bundlemaker,

    Thanks for info. The charting issue was a hangup but now it seems feasible to use the IB feed for a third party package.