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  1. Last time i posted about TOPT someone said it will go to 6 before it goes to 10...well it did..It hit 6.05. But its up now to 7.41 It just crossed the 50 day Moving average today.

    Someone also once told me...on this board somewhere i think about 5 day 20 day and 40 day MA's and how the 5 day should cross the 40 day to show its a buy. Well 5 day MA crossed the 40 day MA today too.

    I just want to hear it now....someone from this board tell me that TOPT is going to the moon. :)
  2. very volatile p.o.s; i traded it couple of times intraday...if u get the trend right its free ~$$$, if u dont its one way ticket to the slaughter house...gawd knows what can happen to this sob overnite and the spread zure aint gonna help.
    what exactly make u think is gonna take out previous highs; volumes not exactly explodin' and we almost filled da gap...
  3. Maybe not take out previous highs of 18 dollars, but at least go to 10 dollars or more....last time this stock crossed the 50 day MA (back in march) it had a 50% gain within weeks...also volume back then went from trading an average of 400k shares a day (just like now) to several million a day overnight. We just crossed the 50 day moving average TODAY! As for volitility, you have to take into account that massive dividends were paid and that is the reason for that drop. 7.50 in dividends will make a stock drop by that much. As for recent volitility in that graph you linked, well didnt every stock drop during that time period? Even the ones not very volitile? I mean even LU, the least volitile stock had a drop that mirrored TOPT in that time period and was down 10% and has "filled the gap"

    Some people are going to make alot of "free money" tommorrow and i am going to be one of them :)
  4. good trade if u are in, gappin' 1% this am; wish u luck..
  5. F. d'Anconia

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    It was me who told you it was going to $6 before $10 and lo and behold it did.

    Still no guarantee that its going anywhere near $10.

    You are still just guessing

    You should be paper trading right now until you get the feel for this.
  6. what are you saying? You have some magic way to predict exactly what a stock is going to? Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  7. TOPT down 4.3% today. So much for "free money".
  8. he had plenty of opportunities to get a better entry durin' fillin' of the gap; when u get close again to previous highs after such a run r/r for longs goes down the toilet and odds for trend continuation become pretty astronomic.

    are u plannin' to keep this sob, peil'... and where's your stp.
  9. i didnt mean all time highs, the 7.60 highs before the tumble...ya, i thot u were lookin' to get past that level...maybe it will if mkt recovers but right now traders are very risk adverse and stay away from small speculative caps, and if they buy somethin' wont keep it for long due to this inflation environment...they prolly dump this stuff as soon as they make some low single digt gains.