TopstepTrader withdrawals - any issues?

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  1. Its crazy a simple transaction takes that long. I have brokers I request money every week through ACH. Literally takes a day.

    I work hard to make money and than they get a 20% cut and make me wait 2 weeks to get my money. Total deal breaker.
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  2. Received my withdrawal yesterday -- it took about 1 week.

    Great experience with TST so far.

    I will update you guys on my progress with the FX Program on my blog at
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  3. Quick question @Tradovate - below is a screen shot of how the Applications Settings looks for me in both the browser based and application based Tradovate (thru TopStep). Doesn't look like the same options are available as shown in your faqs. ie. I don't see Account Risk Settings at all. Just curious if I'm either missing something like a step/click, or if things are different?

    I think a lot of people would benefit from several of these settings based on the various posts I see on this forum and others from people who fail. Even myself I'd love to set my own daily loss limit.
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  4. I've had several (2) withdrawals on different funded accounts with topstep no issues on the withdrawal the longest was a week and a half due to vacations the first time the second was about a week. They do verify with you that after a withdrawal you will be left with x amount on the 2nd withdrawal request to cut down on the delay my request was I would like to withdrawal x and I am aware that I will be left with x I did a wire request because that was the fast method. Im at the point where its going to be an 80% withdrawal and the fact that it counts as income also sucks so your setting 30% aside for taxes ideally. I do the pro accounts which has a 5k withdrawal limit (4k 80%) you have to keep in mind the real account takes longer to setup and you pay professional data fees the pro account is setup next business day and you dont pay data fees. Im doing another combine I should be going to step 2 in 3 business days. Im assuming that in the next 2 - 3 months(my conservative time frame ideally it would be in the next 20 days) i hopefully will be taking my 3rd withdrawal. Im going to keep using them and if I encounter any issues I'll post it.
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