TopStepTrader TST demo opened

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  1. I decided to give TST a try since I was banned from One Up Trader for asking if it was real. I was pleased to find that they are using tradovate for TSTrader so I should be able to place trades while at work..... Im going to stay on the 150k demo until 10/24/17 then depending on how that goes I might try their combine.
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    Good luck on that!
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  3. You might like this one 2

    Good luck
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    While we are on a positive note.

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    Lol, I was just all about Jewel. Now you are all about Jules.

    One is positive and about saving souls...The other is all Biblical and stuff. Heavy, dude.
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  6. 10/14 3 day week summary of the demo account overall -$500.I really need to work on my tilt issues. Friday was pure gambling.
  7. I ended up switching to the live account prematurely and broke the max daily loss rule and was eliminated from funding. Going to keep trading until the end of the evaluation period although it wont count.
  8. Your chance of wining is a slim, because the odds are in their favor! capish?
  9. i got a 40% off coupon so i jumped in