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  1. Hello,

    I wanted to update anyone who is interested in working towards a funded account with TopstepTrader that we have updated our CUSTOM OBJECTIVE page to allow you to submit your proposal, directly from our site, on how you would like us to evaluate you while trading in the Combine. Please allow 3-5 days to receive a response from the Scout Team after you submit. If approved we will ask you to trade as advertised.

    You can submit your proposal here:

    Trade well,

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  2. Crispy


    Hello Michael,

    I am awaiting a call from Hoag tonight to discuss my extension before going live.

    Since I have had a positive experience with TST thus far and took two combines, both custom parameters, I wanted to vouch for you guys. Also, one of my close friends is live you guys and he has nothing but good things to say.

    In my opinion when you play a game with no rules the combine gives you some structure to abide by. I would encourage some ET folks who have had a rough time at day trading to give the combine a shot. The daily risk and trading metrics force your either fix what doesnt work. Or decide that the game is not for you.

  3. Crispy- You had a nice Customized Objective that was approved and you traded very well in the Combine we just reviewed. We are looking forward to trading on a funded account soon. Live Trader Preparation will be good...We know you have upside potential, in the LTP watch your downside!.. That is the only show stopper at this point. You are a nice low risk nice reward type of trader. The funded guys we have that do the best started their Combine at the lower risk level like you.

    Stay focused and trade smart you are very close my man!

  4. Crispy



    Thanks for the encouragement. The LTP will be another growth phase. I am looking forward to keeping risk tight and letting the winners run a bit.

    You can see that I am a very low frequency trader taking 1 turn a day typically and I never used more than 1 contract per trade in this combine. I state that so people know that you dont necessarily have to go big or fast and furious to make things work intraday. There are so many ways to trade people just need to find something that fits their personality. The more I think of it the more I realize that for years I fought myself...

  5. I would like to invite everyone to attend a webinar presented by James Dalton (author of Mind Over Markets) right now on our Squawk Radio

    After Jim's presentation we will be hosting our Funded Trader Draft Day segment. We are announcing TWO new funded traders. One of the funded traders we are announcing is EliteTrader member crispy

    After Draft Day, I will be on Squawk for "In the Know", at this time, you can ask any questions you have about TopstepTrader or becoming a funded trader with us.

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  6. GG1972


    This is a bit old dont know if you are still around but did you pass both combines or did you rollover one and passed it second time around ? If you passed both then why werent you funded the very first time ? Thanks
  7. GG1972- Crispy is a funded traded with our equity partner. He is still active and has been since roughly the date of that old post.