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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by syswizard, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. I know there have been posts on this firm in the past....but can someone just quickly summarize their offering and the meaning of "Combines" ?
    I am aware of their sim trading "test" platform, but I already have a great trading platform. ..linked to Interactive Brokers.
    Do I need to enter orders in both platforms then ? How does that work ?
    I'm trading ES/NQ Eminis. Would like to move up to 10 lots from my current 1-3 lot limit.
  2. Turveyd


    Just grow your account! Imho don't waste your time, odds on qualifying too low, a lot of rules to pass, might negatively affect your trading, don't risk it.
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  3. SPYgrain


    They are a marketing firm...their offering is the idea of a funded acct..
    What they market as "funded" accts are 1099' your research..there is a journal entry near the top which delineates matters of concern fairly well...
    After experiencing the combine for a few months and paying attention to their marketing/information provided, doing my own research, I concluded their spin on the business (product they're selling) does not hold water ..
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  4. Thanks guys...that's the feedback I was looking for. I thought for a second, "hey, this is a legit prop firm".
    Now I don't think that really exists.
    I'm looking for $30k so I can add to my current IB account and trade 10 lots in ES. I guess it's best to go with some cloud funding website....LOL.
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  5. traderob


    Not a prop firm. Their money comes from the fees to join.
    With some suckers repeatedly paying.
  6. Turveyd


    Good to see I'm not alone in thinking this, millions of desperate wanna be trading blowing $100 per month, soon adds up.
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  7. That's a reasonable fee, no ? Or were you joking ?
  8. Turveyd


    It's not big enough that anyone would care, but with enough people trying I'd bet they make more off that than there trading side.

    Very few people being truely profitable, could also be why no body appears to be trading via them, so tricky.
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    You want $30K to trade 10 lots of ES? Yer nutso.
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