TopStep "Funded Trader" trading rules

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  1. Hello,

    I scoured the forums to find an answer but was unable to.

    I have a question regarding rules for funded traders?

    OneUp imposes additional trading rules (i.e., must trade 1/2 of weekly volume traded during evaluation phase, must have positive equity at the end of every "2 week-period" versus the beginning balance of said "2 week-period") -- these are publicly stated on their website and catch a lot of traders off guard upon "passing" the evaluation stage.

    Does TopStep have additional trading rules other than the ones publicly stated on their website?

    Thank you!
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    topstep says" You keep your first $5,000 in profits and 80% after that!", much better than starting a hedge fund charging 2/20.
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    You are comparing oranges with apples.
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    Everything like topstep traders have rules that are restriction on your freedom how, when and with how much size you can trade. Normally, their rule book is on the website or you can ask them.
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    what is the risk for the trader at topstep company?
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    to pay and never ever get funded, because you fail and donĀ“t meet the profit targets.
  7. No one ever said that trading was easy.

    No one "deserves" to be funded "just" because they tried to pass the evaluation.

    Trading other people's money is not a right but a privilege -- only reserved for those who have put the sweat equity in and to be honest are good enough to make money trading.

    For those who can't trade, invest [for your retirement savings].

    Swing/Day Trading is not for everyone and everyone "should not" be allowed to make money until they have "earned" that very sacred privilege.

    I guess from the lack of responses to my thread, the only trading rules for "funded traders" are the ones on their website --- I'm going to call and confirm.
  8. UPDATE:

    Just confirmed by calling TopStep -- the only trading rules for funded traders are explicitly stated on the website.

    Much Props!

    Some of you guys probably read my other thread where I am trying to earn a funded account with TopStep.

    I've had many resets and monthly renewals but worth it. My financial situation is really really bleak right now but if it is my goal/dream/destiny to be a successful trader, these tough times will be fond memories in a few years.

    Good Luck Everyone!

    P.S. - I will pursue my goal even if I have to endure being homeless for period of fact that might be the "thing" that ignites the spark! Would make for a great "rags to riches"
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    Listen, I know this will fall on deaf ears, just human nature. What you are doing is neither heroic nor rational. You are thinking to take the easy way out. You will end up trading on a tilt, no sparks, no satori.
    You know what you need to do - the unpleasant mature thing to do. Grind. Like this guy, for example.

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  10. Thanks qlai....very rarely do you get constructive advice veiled in sympathy and empathy.

    I will take a look at the video.
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