Top Trading firm declares "THE GAME IS OVER"

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  1. The global investment strategist for Knight Capital, which executes more trades than any other U.S. firm, said that a breakdown in the equitable terms of global trade, especially by China, will end the emerging market global growth story.

    “The game is over,” said Knight’s Mark Lapolla in a one-page note to clients today. “We expect a shockingly powerful rally in the dollar, broad-based weakness across the commodity sector, a dramatic widening of emerging market credit spreads, and what could prove to be a stampede of hot fund flows out of the emerging markets.”

    “We believe the data and government actions out of China, the back-up in U.S. interest rates, the Fed’s emphatic commitment to QE2, intensifying pressures across the EU, broadly rising commodity prices, government efforts to control hot money flows, have finally pushed the global terms of trade to their tipping point,” wrote Lapolla.
  2. They actually meant THEIR game is over.
    Everytime you see funds complaining about the economy they are justifying their trading failure.
  3. I agree the game is over for funds if they do not improve. Maybe it is too late.
  4. They don't run any funds, they are on the execution side.

  5. strategist @ Knight. LOL

    probably the lowest paid employee there.
  6. He is an Analyst who analyse things, issue reports, go back home and have a nice sex :D

    He takes an annual salary for his effort.

    We are traders. We make or try to make a jackpot. We are not Analyst.

    There is a sea of difference between an Analyst and Trader.

    Prediction is a fool game.