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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, May 29, 2008.

Should William Rennick be banned from Walmart?

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  1. I think its time to get in on this WMT breakout. Last highest price was Christmas of 1999 at 66.34. This monster has been basing for 10 years!!!

    All that talk of abusing the employees has gone out the window now. Now everyone just cares about saving a buck at the store.
  2. talk about late....
  3. I dont think its late. The last time this consolidated in the 70s and then the 90s there was a huge advance. In the 90s, it consolidated in 10s for some years and then moved to 60 within 5 years.

    In this instance, WMT is trading at the lowest P/E since 1999. The price has gone up and down like the classic "coiled spring". Now it has run a little bit and I know it looks a little exhausted to the eye.

    However, dont believe your eyes. This thing can probably double or triple from here in a year.

    The fundamentals are there. Everything is discounted at Walmart and its a one-stop shop. You dont need to go anywhere else. Everyone is going to Walmart for the cheap prices and they can also save trips to other stores thus saving gas.

    Its difficult to believe but WMT used to actually be a momo stock like Google and it might just be that way again...
  4. What 10+ year timeframe breakout are you talking about, I don't see WMT having made an all-time high. Hell it's still under 60. It's a very likely possibility, but don't jump the gun here fellas.
  5. [​IMG]

    Here is the chart, what do you think? Up or down?
  6. LOL you are obsessed with William Rennick

    You give him more exposure than he could dream of getting by his own threads. You're actually promoting him inadvertently.


  7. Port, any breakout on the chart you supplied is probably good for a few bucks, but if you are looking for the next ISRG you are better off waiting till WMT goes over 60.66, which is its all time high. There is a concept of overhead supply, and getting in at this point if you are looking for a multibagger to me is both undisciplined and jumping the gun.