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  1. Has anyone heard of this company or used their training method? I haven't been able to find anything about them by searching - not just here, but anywhere! That's a huge red flag to me. I'm always looking for ways to improve my skills, and these guys have salesmen who talk a good game, but the silence is deafening when you look for any feedback from someone who has actually used their training.
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    They teach Options trading. 'Top Trader' is owned by the parent company "Premier Mentoring" ( which I think sells a bunch of other courses in myraid topics like real estate investing etc. ( This is perhaps a red flag in that this is not an entity whose main occupation is trading but actually a company which makes its money selling courses to people for whatever the next fad is.

    They don't really have a specific trading methodology but teach some general options principles - many of which one can get from a few good books. They have a mentoring program with some web-based classes along with an year of email support. I was sweet talked into joining their mentoring program by their salesman. Paid almost $6700.00 for it. Tried to cancel within the legal 3-day interval, but the smart talking rep called back and managed to get me hooked back on after making some phony promises.

    The program is very overprized in my opinion. I was initially given the impression that each trader/mentor was handling a few select students and would be able to give personal time and mentoring. Turns out that this was a sweatshop where each web-based class had about 20 students each and each instructor was mentoring perhaps hundreds of students simultaneously. Reponses to emails were delayed.

    If you are a new trader and want to know something about options, this program might be worth it if it is ever offered at less than half the price. Basically you pay for some 13 web-based classes where they tell you about the basics of options and some options strategies and then essentally you are on your own for the most part. If you can figure out the right questions to ask, then you may get an email response from your coach, else you can sit on the sidelines until your 1 year of support is up. Options trading is complex and in my opinion the 13 one hour classes that they offer does not do it justice. Top Trader also offers no proof or statements to show that their coaches are active options trader who have made money in the market and not just failed ex-traders who are out to make money teaching.

    Teaches some options basics but WAY overprized.
  3. A one poster replies to a two poster I smell shill in the air. All they are trying to do is to get you to the site it is a common marketing practice. They are probably the same person because the second guy by slagging it off actually provides a little cred which would be missing if he was cheerleading it.

    My advice stay away from the website dont even go just for a look as it is a SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hmm, like a funny cartoon I once saw...... "On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Dog". Actually I am totally legit and NO not the same as the original poster. Have been a ET member for a few months now but never really replied to anything until I suddenly notice this post to which I thought I could really contribute.

    Would like to help fellow ET members get burned with this Top Trader program. So once again - save your money, get some good books. You can find better education through good books and free webinars available on the internet. To be fair, they do teach some options basics but you definitely do not want to shell the thousands of dollars they are asking for it. It is definitely not worth the cost.
  5. All 3 of your posts are about these blokes so forgive me if I am suspious. Let this thread die then so as to provide no more pubilicty that will convince me
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    OK. Except we need to make sure that people know that this mentoring thing is a scam and not to join in. I have been personally burned by them. They have made false promises and then refused to return my money. So for all you would be joiners - don't believe anything the sales guy tells you on the phone. This program is a piece of overprized baloney. DO NOT JOIN IT.
  7. Wow Bogan7 - paranoid much? Not one positive thing was said about this company by either me or by the other poster who replied. Seems one can't ask a question about anything on here without being accused of scamming! I stumbled upon this site while trying to research this company. I spent an hour on the phone with a very slick-talking salesman who, in essence, 'guaranteed' results.

    Since I don't believe that ANYONE can guarantee success in trading, I became suspicious and decided to try to research the company. Normally, you can find opinions, especially on boards like this, from actual users. That's what I was looking for. I stumbled upon this site because there was a previous thread here with 'top trader' in the title. I also saw info about Investools, which is something I did spend money on once. I thought this might be a good place to get some info and the other post gave me exactly what I was looking for - someone with first-hand experience. Based on my own research and the confirmation of what I suspected found here, I have told them that I'm NOT INTERESTED!

    Now, if I was as paranoid as you seem to be, I would have to question your admonition to "let this post die" to 'prove' it isn't a scam. That makes me wonder if you work for Top Trader and are trying to surpress negative comments! Why would we want to let this thread die if it can save someone from wasting lots of money?

    I was never given final pricing on this - the other post mentioned $6,700, but the cleaver salesman, while 'collecting some basic profile information' asked about my credit card debit and what I had open to buy. Shortly thereafter, he threw around a range of numbers that topped out at - you guessed it - exactly what I had open to buy - and it was a LOT more than $6,700!

    Now, do I sound like I am a shill for this company???
  8. To 'Anupmail' - thanks so much for your feedback. Exactly what I was looking for. I told them today to take a hike. I'll keep doing what you recommended, as this is what I have been doing to this point, which is picking up books and CDs/DVDs trying to absorb as much information as I can on my own. I watch for stuff on sale - and used books on (dare I say it - I might be a shill!) Amazon, and I have been able to pick up some good information for not a lot of money. Thanks again!!
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    They used the same tactic on me. Asked about my liquid net worth, how much can I put on my credit card etc. I found this job posting on the parent company Premier Mentoring's website. Seems like they hire these sales people and pay them huge sums in commissions if they can fleece folks out of their hard-earned money. I am pasting their job ad here (instead of the actual link) in case the company folks get sneeky and withdraw the posting. Hmm.....drawing more than $500K in commissions from selling courses to customers? No wonder they want to know how much they can hit you for. Why would you ever need to trade if you can make that much moolah just by selling courses (not just one kind but a myraid sort as the ad points out).


    Job Listing

    Job Title: Inside Sales Executive

    Location: Draper, Utah

    Salary: Commission

    If you enjoy over the phone sales & are self-motivated, hard working and want to earn a six-figure income, please give us a call! Our top Sales Executive earned more than $500k in 2006 & 20% on our team earn any where from $100k to $300k. We strongly believe in compensating great people who help us achieve our company goals. We have a solid 8-year track record of salespeople earning these amounts year in and year out.

    Premier Mentoring is a fast-growing company that continues to reach new levels of success each year. With our Real Estate & Stock market divisions, we pride ourselves to provide personal coaching programs for A.D. Kessler, Loral Langemeier, Bob Diamond, TOP TRADER, Trend Trading to Win & Dr. J., nation wide. As one of our professional sales executives, you will be provided with qualified leads and have no limitation on your income. Our qualified customers have already purchased our products and it is your job to take them to the next level of their success.

    We offer an extensive training program that will provide you with everything you need to know to become successful in this business! Many of our Sales Executives have come from a wide range of backgrounds. With our aggressive commission structure, how could you go wrong? We want you to succeed!

    Come and be apart of this great, winning team. We are rising to the top very quickly and would love to welcome you aboard today.


    Excellent communication & phone skills
    Strong drive & self-motivation
    Excellent work ethic
    Energetic & upbeat attitude
    Benefits / Amenities

    Medical paid at 100%
    Dental & Vision
    401(k) with employer matching
    Paid time off
    Annual company trips
    Weekly incentives & spiffs
    Aggressive commission structure
    Please contact Shawn Shaffer (801) 495-2405 ext 200 to schedule an interview today.
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    Looks like many of their other training/coaching programs are overprized scams too. Look at what I found by doing a websearch for their parent company "Premier Mentoring".

    Actually I had to deal with some of the same reps when I called in to complain to Top Trader as these other people did (who actually subscribed to other coaching programs). It is just the same company running a host of these "mentoring" scams. Most of these programs seem to comprise of these handful of "coaches" and "mentors" handling hundreds of students simultaneously.

    DO NOT join the Top Trader mentoring program ( Do not join this company that makes its money from selling a slew of coaching programs for everything under the sun, and not actual trading.
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