top trader/fund mngr tired of bs-whats the best real prop firm

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by truetrend, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Thanks fast.

    candletrader - I have never traded my own account before. Its something I am looking into but it is not my comfort level.
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  2. How much are you looking to trade intra day and overnight, what pay out would you excpect and what commission rates are you looking for. I work with a lot of people in the space and can maybe help if you give me a general framework.
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  3. You don't know or care? Your the best charter around?

    This is a forum, people discuss things here whether you like it or not. You might be the best trader in the world, but so far you come across pretty arrogant.

    I know of at least 10 decent prop firms. If you want intelligent answers, why don't you try having some respect for other people.

    I don't particularly like chastising (or flaming) anyone, but to come here with that condescending attitude when your asking for help is not cool.
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  4. How can anyone NOT know MR.MARKET? He's HUGE!

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  5. Yo, tru dat dog. TRU dat.
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  6. axehawk


    First of all, why doesn't everyone give this guy a break? He might not know who mrmarket is because only has 4 posts (allegedly).


    Before I can give you my opinion, how much volume/size do you do and what is your trading style?

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  7. You mean every single trader doesn't know of our beloved and most cherished celebrity, MR.MARKET? :eek:

    -FastTrader :D
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  8. That makes NO sense. If you are as good as you say you are, you would have no reservations about trading your own account.

    Something is not right with this thread.

    Peace dog.
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  9. axehawk


    LOL! I actually clicked on this guy's homepage earlier today. 31 winning trades in a row following William J. O'Neil's CANSLIM method??? What a laugh. Not to mention how vain this guy is. His homepage is plastered with pictures of himself flexing with his shirt off. Two words mrmarket....BACK WAX.

    I want those 5 minutes of my life back!

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  10. axe,

    Im an intraday trader, purely technical reads. I trade the Eminis for the most part, and as far as size goes large positions do not alter my #s. tight stops, let the winners run.

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