top trader/fund mngr tired of bs-whats the best real prop firm

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  1. I'm a licensed trader, 7 and 55. I've ran a private fund for 5 years, and have been a prop trader for a few years, but I'm tired of all the BS and empty promises.

    In the last 4 months I've signed deals with 2 firms. The 1st one, one of the biggest houses on the street, after 3 months, they decided a signed deal was not important and opening the account was to much work. The second one is dropping the ball now, taking a month+ to get me set up after the contract was signed and licenses were transferred. DON'T ASK WHO - NO NEED TO TRASH PEOPLE.

    Who has a real prop firm that honors their deals. I'm as good a trader as you will find with a verified 3 year track record and a ROI over 500%. I'm looking for a remote real prop or funder for a hedge fund or account because I am tired of dealing with all of the BS and having to rely on someone else. Let the #s speak for themself.

    If you are a top notch trader and get treated as one, who do you trade thru?

    Trend Trader
  2. Trend Trader/truetrend, are you a CHAMPION TRADER like Buzzy?

  3. CHAMPION TRADER like Buzzy

    Whats a "CHAMPION TRADER" and who is Buzzy? I am as good a chartist and trader as you will meet, but if there is a superbowl of trading I guess I never knew nor entered it:) My record speaks for itself.
  4. More in the lines of MR.MARKET than Buzzy.
  5. In that case, I must bow down in respect.

  6. I dont know who these guys are nor do I care. I was told by a fellow trader I might get some intelligent answers to my search/questions. If you dont mind lets try and stay on, orget on topic.

  7. Your friend has betrayed you, LOL :D

    OK, to get on topic...first of all, I'm not a super trader who uses a prop firm so I'm not speaking from experience. But from what I've gathered after talking to a few traders who do use Prop, Green Tree Trading seems to be a decent shop for remote prop. Their website is at


  8. I've met with and was impressed with the guys in the Phoenix office who trade through EchoTrade.
  9. P.S. Expect a little ribbing, it is all in fun for the most part.
  10. Why don't you just trade for yourself and get to keep everything without the hassles of assholes to answer to who may cramp your style...
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