Top to Bottom, Bottom to Top Trading

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Wallace, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. While various indicators may confirm a top/bottom after the fact, there are no indicators that predict or target top/bottoms, excepting —
    the Elliott Wave theory, Fibonacci Price Levels (Retracement) tool plus Time target method.

    Advanced GET creator Tom Joseph writes in 'A Mechanical Trading System' 1998
    "About 65% of EW analysis is made up of complex rules which can be dissected in numerous ways. Ten analysts can easily come up with 10 different answers."
    so one has to study EW then reduce it as Joseph did to Your practical EW method.

    The problem for many is getting lost in an EW forest, perhaps because of examining each and every tree; instead, EW analyze Monthly down to one's trading timeframe retaining the Monthly etc chart-maps to guide one through the Price Movement forest — trading the EW/Fibo/Time point-to-point targets — orienteering trading.

    before, after, and next Weekly DJIA target charts:
  2. What is the Time target method ?