Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist

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  1. great video.

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  2. Ten reasons why Democrats are idiots.

    1. Imposing taxes that force people under threat of PRISON to serf 6 months a year for the government is euphemistically called "paying your fair share."

    2. Killing fetuses is constitutionally protected but owning a firearm is uncivilized. (unless of course you're a black gangster-that IS ok)

    3. War on behalf of American interests is evil but the corrupt U.N. dragging American's into some Islamo conflict is congratulated as "peace keeping".

    4. Abu Ghraib is the work of evil dictator Bush but when FDR interned U.S. citizens of Asian descent it was moral and just.

    5. Killing 6 million German civilians and NUKING Japan is "The Good War", killing 100k Iraqi's is impeachable.

    6. Democrat Chairman Terry McAullife making 40mil on the Global Crossing scam is kosher, Halliburton is the work of an evil dictator.

    7. The same morons freaking over the Patriot Act are the first ones criticizing how guy's like Atta could walk around unmolested by authorities.

    8. 9/11 commission is a Bush whitewash, Sandy Berger stealing documents is hunky dory.

    9. Illegal immigrants working for greedy capitalists is bad, Mexican's voting 76% Democrat is GOOD.

    10. Heck, why leave it at 10? I can think of 10,000 reasons why the Left are self destructive idiots.

    Any political party with majority support by shines, Jews, Mexicans and homo's is a party I'll avoid. :p
  3. both sides exploit the system to the fullest extent possible

    to me, partisanship is a really dangerous distraction. democrats and republicans are all knee deep in exploitation, and as long as most of us are convinced one is better than the other, i would expect it to continue

    great vid! hopefully these guys don't trigger a global war on sarcasm
  4. Historical revisionism is the last refuge of the serial hatemonger. The truth must be infuriatingly inconvenient at times, huh?

    By the way, honest question - in your dialect of blind hatred, what's a 'shine'? Is that a Jew? Oops, no, wait a minute, you named Jews specifically (no surprise from the guy who counts Adolph Hitler as one of his personal heroes). A shine must be... what?

    The truth, but how boring is that? Much better fun to come up with derogatory names for different racial groups, buy automatic weapons and dream of using them on people you don't like, claim that Allied efforts in WWII were unjust and that Hitler got a bad rap, claim that 63% of all American blacks are criminals, sublimate your own attraction to men by foaming at the mouth about 'homos', take a page out of the book of Radical Islam by telling women that you know better than they do what's best for them, and generally ignore the truth.


    Just like the good old days. :)

    In all seriousness, I hope you have a safe and happy New Year. I don't believe in God but I do believe in redemption, even for you.
  5. I hope your ignorance is blissful. Find somewhere that I've spoken untruths.

    The duplicity of those who believe the allies were "right" and Hitler "wrong" is tremendously humorous. Your ally in chief was a guy named Josef Stalin. Why doesn't the West talk about Stalin's atrocities with the same fervor as we do Hitler? Because we fought FOR him. Yes without doubt, Europe would've been better off if Germany won the war. Just compare how the two halves of Germany lived after Yalta.

    Instead of letting Germany take on Communist Russia and allowing Japan to knock off Red China, liberal/socialist/Russia admiring icon FDR caused a war that killed 500,000 Americans and we killed 10,000,000 others. We then spent DECADES and TRILLIONS in defense against the U.S.S.R and China! To this day we worry about relations with each. Uh, what's wrong with that picture.

    Maybe Canadian schools don't teach you about your own horrific treatment of Canadian-Japanese. Compare that to the treatment of Muslims in America. Pretty night and day, eh?

    As far as Blacks. This from a credible source, The U.S. Department of Justice: * An estimated 22% of black males ages 35 to 44 in 2001 had ever been confined in State or Federal prison, compared to 10.0% of Hispanic males and 3.5% of white males in the same age group.

  6. but only 60 million white Christians died at the hands of the bolsheviks... but see.. that is politically correct so.. hush hush.
  7. Watch the video again and note Reason #5. BOTH PARTIES.

    Almost all Democrats & Republicans play for the same team. Is it not obvious yet when they both support the war, the patriot acts, war on terrorism, surveillance, etc.

    Why is this so hard to understand?
  8. Communist revolution (aka coup de-etat) was funded by Wall Street. Lenin and Stalin were financed by international banks throughout their lives. So was Hitler & Nazi Germany. Yeah, it's all Russia's fault, cause a group of extremists, funded by US & British financiers, decided to take over the country. You obviously do not understand what happened in the nation afterwards.

    Hitler could not conquer Russia, ever, it was near impossible, even if Standard Oil kept supplying him. Get real, the whole war kept going only as long as he received oil, once that was cut off, he was done. The war had a goal, and it was not to keep Hitler in power forever considering the backlash from the rest of the world.

    And to bring up Yalta agreements, wtf are you talking about? It was Western & British interests vs USSR not Nazi Germany vs USSR.

    I do not think you have much of an idea what you are talking about. Even the historical lessons controlled by US Dept of Education do not spew the nonsense you do.
  9. When did I imply that any anyone other than FDR sold out to Stalin at Yalta? It was the winners (U.S., U.K., U.S.S.R.) dividing the spoils.
  10. great vid, funny and true!
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