Top Ten Reasons Mitt Lost The Debate

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    All this nonsense about the polls lately prompts me to make this top ten list to help out my far, far, far right brethren, just in case our good liberal friend, brother Mitt has a bad night.

    So, here we go:

    #10 He had a hair out of place.

    #9 Ann told him, just prior to the debate, how worried she was about his mental well being.

    #8 The audience numbers were skewed toward the democrats.

    #7 Jim Lehrer must be voting for Obama.

    #6 He forgot where he stands on gay marriage.

    #5 Five golden rings.

    #4 Carl Rove wasn't allowed to moderate.

    #3 Not enough flip floppers in the audience.

    #2 Mitt had too much trouble explaining his tax plan

    And, the

    #1 reason why Mitt lost the debate: He forgot where he stands on abortion.
  2. #1: Viewers would conclude that he would work for only 53% of america, and for 100% zionism.
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    Geeet ready to rumble!
  4. #2: They figure out that Paul Rayan is actually not Ron Paul, and that Romney may have used the "name-similarity" to harvest Ron Paul's politcal capital.
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    Tsing Tao

    Amazing how funny this thread became only this morning!
  6. He's white instead of half & half.