Top Ten List of hedge fund manager quotes

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  1. From An entertaining "top ten" list of quotes (some perhaps apocryphal) from hedge fund managers, according to a recent presentation by someone from U.K.-based Hermes:

    10. “If we don’t charge 2 and 20, no one will take us seriously.”

    9. “We are 75% cash because we cannot find sufficient investments.”

    8. “We charge 3 and 30 because that is the only way we can keep our assets under several billion.”

    7. “We don’t invest in crowded shorts.”

    6. “I haven’t shorted before, but I do have my CFA.”

    5. “Managed Futures are a better investment than Hedge Funds because Hedge Funds are a zerosum game.”

    4. “What’s a Master Trust?”

    3. “Your Head of Equity doesn’t understand our Hedge Fund strategy.”

    2. “Basically, I look at the trading screens all day and go with my gut.”

    1. “He will be with you in a minute sir, he’s still meeting with his architect.”

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