Top Ten Conservative Issues for 2008

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  1. Top Ten Conservative Issues for 2008
    by Michelle Oddis (More by this author)

    Posted: 05/14/2007
    Dear HUMAN EVENTS Reader,

    Are the ten (so far) Republican presidential aspirants talking about what America really cares about? We thought that some of them seem to “get it” and some don’t. Until the primaries, none of us get a vote, but we thought you should have a voice. A couple of weeks ago, we posted a survey in which we asked “What are the Top 10 conservative issues for 2008?”

    H.E. presented 28 issues in random order to evaluate how we can serve our readers better. Here is what 3,602 H.E. readers told us:

    Surprisingly the war against terrorism came in second to illegal immigration, which proved to be the top issue for conservatives. Illegal immigration was rated Number One by 86% of the respondents. When you consider that illegal immigration is an issue in which future legislation can inflict consequences in the American economy, social welfare, healthcare, education, and the war against terrorism, it becomes clear as to why it is most important to conservatives.

    Unexpectedly illegal immigration was a topic that was ignored by candidates during the first Republican Presidential debate. Will they do better tomorrow night? You say they must, and we’ll be tracking closely to see how many do. We intend to ensure that your thoughts and input will be influential. We hope that your response to our survey will inform candidates of the issues that matter most to their voters

    On our end -- we hear you loud and clear, fellow conservatives. We’ll be polling you again from time to time to be sure we’re on the right track throughout this important election.

    The final results of the survey ranked the Top Ten Conservative Issues as follows:

    1. Illegal immigration -- 86%
    2. War on terrorism -- 80%
    3. Federal spending – 65%
    4. Supreme Court and other judicial appointments -- 64%
    5. Flat tax/tax cuts -- 61%
    6. Size of government -- 61%
    7. Iraq -- 55%
    8. Social Security -- 45%
    9. Entitlement programs -- 38%
    10. Abortion -- 36%
  2. Arnie


    Pretty sad, only 2 of those have any popular appeal and they both have to do with Iraq. 20 years ago at least half of those items would have had some popular appeal. I think conservativism, at least how I knew it during Reagan, is dead and ain't coming back.
  3. I'm not at all surprised by the results of this survey, but I'm sure it was unwelcome news to the top tier candidates. Guiliani has a very pro-illegal immigration record, McCain is for amnesty and, as for Romney, who knows.

    The second tier candidates could use this immigration issue as a way to attack the top tier candidates indirectly. By taking a strong stand, they would highlight their differences with the top guys. I know what Tom Tracedo will do, but if the other guys hope to stand a chance they better start sounding off. Fred Thompson clearly gets it and has made number of speeches attacking illegal immigration.
  4. Two responses. Those issues do have appeal during republican primaries. If they don't, if for example primary voters support Guiliani despite his weak record, then I will have to agree with you that conservatism is indeed dead.

    Second, none of those issues was popular when Reagan started out. Barry Goldwater, the Father of the Conservative Movement, was annhilated by LBJ and the Great Society fraud. It is up to the candidate to make the case with voters and convince them why these issues matter. If it can be done in France, it can be done here.