Top Target Traders - Toronto?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jason147, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Hey guys I'm a newb to these forums, but I have found advice on site is great!

    Got a quick question has anyone heard of a new company called Top Target Traders in Toronto? I talked to the owner and i's a brand new start up prop firm and is looking for new traders. I'm going down to the office next week to check it out for myself but would like to know from you guys what scam signs to look for when dealing with these prop firms. :confused:

  2. Scams to look for:

    guys with one post coming on ET asking about a firm no one ever heard of.
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    Thanks for the beneficial post
  4. Logic


    I'm not Canadian nor near Toronto so I can't really help you. The name seems a little gaudy, which mainly is an indication that he's a smalltime firm.

    Being smalltime isn't necessarily a bad thing; just be on the lookout for the usual tricks. Ask a bunch of different firms what rates they offer, what leverage, and what capital deposit they require before signing up with this guy.
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    Ok sounds good Logic thanks for the helpful guidance
  6. Datradr


    is that the location in north york?

    I met with the guy. Their add says no contribution required, however, once i talked to him he wanted a deposit.

    They use IB platform so it is prob slower than 99% of other regular platforms lol

    thing to note as well...everyone in there while I went in was his personal regular traders.
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    No not North York this start up is based out of CONCORD, ONTARIO, and he has stated they use Ninja trading tool. I'm starting out and this prop start up is close to my house so I’m going to check them out Tuesday and post what they are offering and rate etc etc...
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    ya concord that is still it ..on steeles right?

    ya i think they used ninja for charts and stuff....but IB for trading
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    Yup right on steels, was his deposit reasonable aka competitive with other firms that you might have seen? Like I stated before I'm just starting out trying to get my foot in the door and gain some XP maybe start here for the summer then move on, just wondering what your take on this idea is or if its even worth getting into this firm.

    Thanks :D
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    well i have experience.. the deposit he wanted was pretty reasonable i will admit. But the add says no deposit required ...i just dont like being lied to.

    if they had some profitable traders then ya i guess it might be worth trying just to get experience
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