Top prop shop or Asset manager

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by onava, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. onava


    what would you guys accept for trading positions.

    Prop firm : mcdonalds worker base salary with a high % payout of PnL


    Assetmanager. High base no bonus.
  2. well if you are any good you'd want the % for a while until you had enough money you didn't want to risk it anymore then switch into the second.
  3. onava


    i just wonderning what are peoples reasons to go to a prop shop

    is it..

    a, % bonus at bank is crap so prop shop is more fair %
    b. end of the road
    c. more freedom and flexibility
    d. something else
  4. Surdo


    If someone is offering you a job with a paycheck TAKE IT!

    A prop shop is not a job.

    WTF is all this A-B-C-D nonsense, are you auditioning for Sesame Street?
  5. onava


    chill... dont roll another one what ever you do !
  6. Surdo


    No problem mon, post a few Swissie Hotties' pics for us!