Top programmers still in Eastern Europe..

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  1. i think in programming, its who can hack who, not the $. these kids live in a different world.
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  2. ..which is why all of this is irrelevant to science and engineering .....
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  3. These kids are sure impressive, just like those individuals who compete in eating contest professionally :)
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  4. LOL. Are you serious? I have better shit to do with my time than look at charts and click buttons all day. I'd rather be in bed resting from the wild sex I had the entire previous night.

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  5. ROFL :D
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  6. GTG


    The title of this thread should be "the top programmers at solving puzzles in contests live in Eastern Europe". The top programmers who write software to make money still live in the good ol' US of A. When I see an Eastern European Google, E-bay, Microsoft, etc...maybe I'll change my opinion.

    Silly me, when I was in highschool and college my programming time and education was spent with one purpose in make money instead of trying to impress my professors by winning silly contests. As long as the eastern europeans are wasting their time learning to win contests I won't worry about them taking business from me.
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  7. ellokn


    You might have learned to code for bucks, but that does not mean you got an education. If so, you might read and think and be a bit more critical in your thinking and know that much of the leading edge software (sold to you and me and even running some firms and municipalities) is being developed in Moscow, Kiev or Wroclaw.
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  8. rickty


    Of topic but: Did you see the rankings? Of course we all know Kobayashi is unbeatable, but check our who is in second position, a woman who looks like she's anorexic.


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  9. Did he turn the idea into business or was it some MBA guy who turn the idea iinto a money making machine?

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  10. No one in their right mind would knowingly download a .exe that originated from Russia or Eastern Europe. They are full of keyloggers. back doors and viruses.
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