Top picks?

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  1. Hey guy's

    Just wanted to know what is everyone's top 3 pics for the next few months? Stocks, Forex, whatever :)

    here is mine:

    1: HANS(long)--Many people say its going to lose all its steam, but i dont see that happening for some time now!

    2: MO(long)

    3: SOHU(long)
  2. What is this "HANS" you speak of?
  3. tradurx


    I would have to say that KRSL is mine.
    KRSL here's the stats
    trades at or near book value
    No debt
    lots of cash ( bout 4 mill)
    138% income growth per latest 10q
    New Europe division just opened
    700k float.
  4. I tipped them on the Bloomberg CHAT function in October 2002 when they were $4.25, now theyre $100

    TRUE STORY ..............

    I started working then, after graduating, and I was drinking a lot of fruit smoothies. I thought to myself, in todays increasingly health conscious world, I think the market for fruit smoothies and water drinks is HUGE. So I searched around for companies that made them, and came across this one... I told my brother, who lives in the States to buy them. And he did. Later, I then told him to sell them ... and he did, at $7. I was ecstatic at the time, never looked out for them since!!
  5. Moreagr


    KLAC :D
  6. ifinitis


    Please explain your position on KLAC.

    Long Swing?

    Intra-day volatility?

    Daily Trend?

    Can email response if you like.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. My top picks with half a million in each on Jan 1st are

    1) Emerson Radio

    2)Virginian Railway

    3) Island Creek Coal

    4)General Time

    5) American Motors

    "When Slim Posts, You Must Toast" :cool:
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    IIJI can go a lot's Japan's Google.
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