top performance through undertrading ?

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  1. was browsing robbins trading site ...

    do they really charge $20 commissions
    in the contest ?
    hope thats RT rate !

    -The big payoffs, however, were still a few years away. In 2000, Kurt took center stage in the World Cup by lapping the field with a commanding 595%* return. And then in 2004 he left the field in the dust again by posting an astonishing 929% return on a $15,000 account.-

    according to what I read he trades less than 50 RT times a yr

    larry W still takes the cake though ... and I heard he had a big drawdown late in the contest to boot !

    1987: Larry Williams 11,376%

  2. Babak


    Don't forget in 97 Larry's daughter took the prize with a 1000% return. I suspect daddy helped a bit. :D

    I'm not sure I understand how exactly the contest works. Do you put up the $15k or is it paper traded? The commish btw is $15 (+$10 for phone ins).