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    Whose the best? I have heard the top 3 firms are CTC, Wolverine, and DRW Trading. Who has the best training, best compensation packages, culture, hours, potential for growth?

    I am a graduating senior from a top tier University looking to trade options and derivatives.

    Am I looking at the right firms and if I am, who is the best.

    Thanks for all your help and opinions.

  2. I am in the same boat as you. I graduate in December and am pursuing only Option Trading firms downtown in the Loop.

    I am not from a top tier school and have had interviews with two large market makers (one you listed above) as well as one prestiege quant/arbitrage group.

    I believe your school name is only important to firms like Peak6, Susquehanna and Infinium Capital management. DRW is definitely a big name in the game.

    Trading postiions out of school are not easy to come by. generally you run through a year long training program with class work, mock trading and perhaps some time observing the pits. Essentially you are a trading assistant as well.

    All proprietary trading firms appear to be great to work for. Vacation time, 401K, medical, health, dental, good comissions, paid further education and some even offer their own in house catering. Generally there is not much bureaucracy from what I have observed.

    I have little to no contacts in Chicago so my hunt has proven very difficult. Giving up is not an option. In the meantime, I will continue to work for a discount broker downtown.

    Feel free to contact me if your interested in career hunting together.
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    good to see i am not the only one job hunting :)

    We should all meet up at Ceres cafe and figure out a plan of attack
  4. If there is anything I have learned thus far, you have to keep calling, be persistant and agressive. I've gotten nailed on a few quant questions because I was so nervous that I locked up and went blank. shoot me a PM and we'll link up on facebook or something.
  5. update?
  6. You guys might also check out Optiver - says they are 'constantly looking for new talent' on the site -
  7. Optiver is very hard to get into. Think you'd be better off spending your time preparing for other interviews than messing around with Optiver's pre interview math exams.
  8. Optiver may still train all of its new USA hires in Europe. If you have any qualms about living overseas for 3 months, don't get involved with them.
  9. no trading job here. :/ Even getting a junior equity analyst position is hard in Chicago.
  10. what do you think of Group 1?
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