Top of Today march 24

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  1. It is 12.27PM. I sold and started going short. Are we at the top of today?
  2. I just went short IWM @ 70.12. Are you on the other side of the trade? What do you think. Time is now 12:31PM EST.
  3. It took you 4 mins to type that? No, looks like we will retest highs

  4. Do you want me to cut you with your sword? Or is your sword too sharp you will cut yourself? Time will tell.
  5. your first post posted at 12:23 est and yousay its 12:27. 4 mins buddy, it was a joke.

    I really have no idea what your joke is.

  6. Time on my comp is 12:39PM.May be I have to fire/fix my computer.
  7. Yes your time is definitely off and the market just made new highs

  8. Elitetrader is acting weird. It took me 15 minutes to get back to it.
    IWM made a new high. I shorted the second half of my IWM position at 70.29 (average cost of my short on IWM position is then around 70.20). We will see what will happen. Good luck for everybody.
  9. I shorted EUR/JPY as well at 155.37. We will see what happens here as well.
  10. S2007S


    just added some DXD as well to my holdings around 54.10.

    Will add TWM at ^RUT 710+
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