Top is in!!!! 4/25 or 4/26

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chewbacca, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. gov


    No gotta sell hope, and materials/transports just don't do that for people. Gotta be tech all over again. Besides, it's been quite a few years and people have mostly forgotten the beating from last time... :D
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  2. i tell you what if the march lows hold and spx makes all time highs then that means hyperinflationary death spike up for the price of everything.
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  3. the bright side of the above senerio is that it'll be cool to be a daytrader. girls may rape us.
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  4. We are about to crater.

    I see a reliable technical indicator that has never failed, and it's flashing Dow 11,800.

    Take the money and run.

    Japan is where it's at!

    Screw you all. :D
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  5. let me guess, Bluestreak started a thread to buy all major indices.
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  6. Who is buying here raise your hand?
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  7. LT701


    care to share what that is?
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  8. VIX is down 1.68% hahahaha pretty neat. the other day when the Dow fell 40 it was up 8%.

    The fix is in for sure.
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  9. hels02


    AMD has moved up $2 in 2 weeks, AMZN popped $11 today, TXN popped $.50 today, and INTC is a few cents from the 52 week high. Get your head out of the goog sand:p.
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  10. i'm not enthusiastic about getting long, but guess what...

    ... we're in a bull and we're going MUCH higher. Definitely going to retest the 1525 of 7 yrs past.

    Past that I have no idea. Maybe Bernanke will put an end to it next FOMC (2-3 weeks), just like he did PRECISELY this time last year. gasoline is getting out of control and the euphoric short covering won't persist forever. [and the stats are VERY bullish for continued strength in gasoline] I think the only thing stopping RBOB is demand falloff from high prices. And who knows where that point is...

    Just realize that considering dollar weakness, indexes are only up a few nominal percent y/y (like 3-4% at most), and that at best covers inflation losses.
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