Top in Gold?

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  1. I suppose, like anything else, once these ideas appear, the peak has been passed.
    Same thing happens with real estate.
    This may also support the AUD/USD short? Hehehe.
  2. possible double top developing.
  3. Certainly looking that way with Gold down in the low 920s.
  4. ba1


    A top for the quarter or year? Perhaps. Will it sooner or later establish new tops above $1000. Many can think of trillions of FRickiN reasons. A 30% retrace down on gold would sure be nice, just as soon as I ride my US stock shorts to their top.
  5. Agree 100%, would indeed be nice to ride the shorts (and ETFs) to the bottom before again buying gold.

    Just wish you weren't trying to play me with your new alias, Roman Candle/Port/maxxy/PeterEastgate, etc. ad nauseum.
  6. LOL that's about the most ridiculous business idea I've heard in a while. Good luck to them :D
  7. hmmm ... so the "smart money" got short today

    according to the news wires

    yada yada yada ...

    see you back covering your $915 golden shorts real soon dudes

  8. gold is dead money ... heck at the moment the only

    thing I see driving it higher is

    that perhaps two "punters"
    bet on the gold / silver ratio to hit 70 to 1 before the

    upcoming US tennis open

    doubling down on their lost bet on "tiger" in the PGA

  9. ashatet


    Gold is dead money, LOL?

    What do you call 1000s of US companies paying no dividends even though they have been around for decades and have made a lot of money. The latter is more dead, it all depends on the next big fool who will buy from you.

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