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    wow nice work trading4pips. i always wanted to know who 'felix' really was..
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    any idea when the website will be officially running?
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  4. Investor/RT will chart whatever data their supported data vendors will send. eSignal and DTN IQFeed send data on Forex, so therefore you can chart Forex in Investor/RT, including Market Profile charts. Here's an example of TUSDJPY (using DTN IQFeed to feed it):
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  5. Yes, Inv RT has a great product with unique capabilities.

    For the matter of TopGun Software, I have demo'd the software and found several tools very useful for my expansion into Forex trading. I already have one trade entry set-up using the Heatmap as a part of my primary entry signal indication.

    Heatmap example screenshot..........

    After I enter the trade, I then use the Heatmap as one of two primary indicatiors that determine if I stay in the trade or not (like a complex trailing stop filter) far I really like what I see.

    For myself, I have found workable studies within the TopGun software to adapt my strategies using their tools.....without having to go out and reinvent the wheel. I will be doing a lot of work this month with several Forex volume analysis ideas that I am testing out, and I will try to find ways to adapt the TopGun software for these needs......looking forward to the learning process.
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  6. No need to pay for overpriced heatmaps, there are several equivalents available absolutely free!

    And drawing and correlating Fibonacci levels across various time frames is a piece of cake, and also free on most charting packages!

    There's nothing in TopGun software that isn't available free elsewhere.
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