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  1. Dan,

    I never come on these forums, usually too busy but a week or so ago someone mentioned I was getting ripped on here so I took a look and totally blew it off, I honestly don't care if people think I'm an asshole but do care if people think I and our company only care about money and not our traders. That is pure BS, I care more about my traders than any other forex dealer in the world. As far as I know nobody else does trainings every day, nobody else logs onto their customers computers and helps them setup their charts or fix firewall issues, and on and on. If I'm an asshole at times its because I'm overworked but I choose to not hire employees now so its my own fault I agree.

    Today I saw NYSEscalpa say I'm a scumbag and stole his ideas. That is COMPLETE BS and I haven't even responded to him yet. That's the reason I came on today and started responding to posts. It's one thing to say something true about us or our company. Yeah I can be an asshole, I admit it. But I do care about our customers and both myself and my partner are ethical businessmen and have NEVER stolen anybody's ideas or systems. THAT comment has pissed me off. I answer all emails and calls 99% during the day even though I am overworked and work 80+ hours a week. I love what I do, I am 36 but don't need to do this and could retire but I love it and trading and helping others.

    I may be an asshole at times, not so much lately as I have seen the comments and now I tend to take a deep breath when someone asks me the SAME question for the fifth time!! For new people who haven't tried our software, notice on these boards that the comments are about me being an asshole but nobody says our software isn't the best out there and light years ahead of all of our competitors.

    Moderators, don't block this email, we're going to become advertisers this week so I can post some screenshots in here and show how good our trading systems are.

    And to NYSEscalper, you are full of @#$. I don't even know who you are but you and I both know you haven't given us any trading ideas, systems or indicators. As all of our customers will tell you only in the last 3 months have we started putting full trading systems with buy/sell and trailing stops into our software. Are you saying you developed our Trend Snapback trading system? Or it was your idea to watch the biggest traders in the world and see how much they are buying/selling today compared to the statistical past? Or was it your idea to plot the hourly statistical high/low on 5 min charts to get a feel for volatility compared to the norm? These and most of the other indicators and systems in our software we created ourselves. I don't take credit for moving averages, bollinger and keltner bands, linear regression, our trend reversal and a few other standard indicators but the rest of them my partner and I invented.

    Notice from his post he doesn't even know my name, if we had entered into any agreement he would have my signature on a non disclosure and non compete agreement. NYSEscalpa what month do you claim calling me, post your phone number on here and I'll fax that month's toll free calls to any third party that would like to VERIFY your claims.

    So yeah I am a bit pissed off now, I can handle the truth and can get testy at times but NYSEscalpa is a total liar. The problem with these boards is anybody can say anything they want with impunity, no proof required.
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  2. Chris,

    I will send you an email for the Pepsi challenge! It's good to see you have a sense of humor :)

    P.S. I like forexbastards. Cheesy name, but some good info indeed. I have communicated with Felix aka Demitri and he seems like a straight up guy. I have seen many get slammed on his website, that's good your not one of them.

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  3. thoams


    Something smells like crap.
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  4. Y
    Yeah, its you.

    You don't even know me or how well our systems work (one makes 100+ pips per week per currency) nor do you know how much time and effort I put into training our group yet you claim I don't care about my traders.

    Forums are great places for cowardly bullys to hide anonymously and post anything they want. It doesn't work for me because it doesn't matter how many people post negative info about ME (not our software of course because its the best out there and soon will be white labeled by two of the biggest forex FCMs out there), people will follow their pocket books. And when they've lost money using many other trading programs and make MONEY with ours they wouldn't care if I was the biggest prick in the world which I'm not.

    Just come into our online forum and ask our traders what they think about our software, my training, and whether I care about them. My traders love me, so honestly I don't care if those of you are jealous of others success must post negative false comments to make yourself feel better about your own personal failures. Keep it up, only makes YOU look pathetic. And yes I realize this may look unprofessional however I care more about the principles of fair play, honesty, and justice more than appearances or money.
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  5. Looking at some of your posts, you are quite a sight.:D
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  6. Lol. Maybe you oughta take some advice from yourself. Or maybe you have a number of aliases so that you can take pot shots at forum members. Seems you like taking pot shots and running.

    For someone that claims to have an automated trading system why wouldn't you use your system to see if TASR will pop.
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  7. WOO HOO y'all, jest what I live for, a drunken Barfight.

    You know, it never ceases to amaze me how people get on an anonymous board, and just run on and on and on and on. Then make all sorts of wild accusations, gotta lovit.

    I was really hoping and hoping and hoping someone would catch my forex volume question, I purposefully put a mistaken premise in it, but nobody did, but I will give Chris kudos for stating the facts, there are no volume #s in forex. This alone shows Chris to be an straightforward guy and me the venomous VIPER. He could have said a bunch of mystical incantations and the rookies would have bought it, but he didn't. So a big VIPER rattle for Chris.

    Also I have demoed the software, its good, there are some I'd rather haves but that is the VIPER talking, I think there are some very helpful tools, and he has a system that is based on a strong technical foundation. If I had this when I was a hatchling it would have increased my profitability and shortened my learning curve, of course how I would have gotten it to work with that old green crt I dont know :D

    Also, Chris, calm down, I know a pit trader that had a stroke at the age of 30, he was permanently handicapped from that point on. So use ignore, or a lawyer, to deal with the pests.

    The Ever venomous VIPER
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  8. So I sat in on Chris' aka leveragefx/topgunsoftware's 5 day training and I wanted to give some objective feedback.

    I think Chris does a pretty darn good job, honestly. He points out how to use their tools well as well show newbies basic chart reading skills. Stuff I already knew from staring at chart full time for over a year, but good stuff. He seems to know fibs real well and preaches them quite often. He was pleasant, not the Chris with attitude I received in Dec 06.

    No before you say I am shilling for him read some of my less than glowing posts of him previous to sitting in on his class.

    I would definitely recommend anyone serious about forex give them a good look. I think they have some unique tools and for $600 for his daily teachings I believe you would get your $$$ worth.

    At this point, since I am focused on learning a sound method on trading the e-minis I will hold off on topgun. I need to learn this new method before I try and go make money in the forex. In a few months though I might revisit topgun and forex in general.

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  9. I have been watching the Forexbastards forum on Leveragefx or Topgun and I have seen bad reviews about Topgun disappear and personally know one trader that was with Topgun who submitted a review about Topgun that was negative and guess what?, it never got posted so either Chris is telling people to retract their bad reviews, or he is paying Felix. I am not going to make any accusations but what else could it be? Maybe Felix would care to explain why this is happening and why the review by my friend Traderdave never got posted. I smell something fishy here!
    My friend was also booted from the Paltalk room after someone told Mark t hat he has posted a bad review about Leveragefx and from what I understand, the only way he could be allowed back in the room was to retract his review. Ha Ha
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  10. Fx traders never learn my advice in this situation would be simple..........if the software is good use it but don't look to this guy to make you a profitable trader because he won't, neitherw ould the most sophisticated software in the world, they are just there to assist you.

    If someone says to you that you should only back-test over 10 very far away. I challenge anyone to put up a vaild theory to back this up because this is bullshit. If you are trading tick data and believe that the market is scaling invariant, 10 days would still not be enough to get a statistically significant result.

    If you want to put forward the break down in permanance hyphothesis.....the that still wont hold as there is no big change in the underlying fx industry over 10 days nor five years.

    I can go on and on. FX trader still seems like a casino industry as far as retail traders go an that is a shame, but retail traders are always looking for the holy grail........tell them that they will make 50 pips a day....or 100pips a week and they eyes light up, wake up guys be realistic, use common sense.......if someone could teach you to be a multi-millionaire trader already and they are wont happen.

    All it takes to be successfull in fx is too 2 thing

    1- Common sense
    2- money management

    Being an fx trader i always tell guys to trade futures or equities first for 5yrs before coming to fx because of all the scum bags in this industry. This guy talks about 10pips a day.....100pips a week can see the tell tales and even if he can show me that he is a profitable trader i would not give him a cent since he doesn't have the traits of a proftable trader from what he said, he lacks trait no.1.
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