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  1. KP, thanks for the reply. We are using the esignal feed and have an up and coming hookup to PFG/CurreneX feed. The esignal is very reliable, and the volumes look good. We also use Tickquest Neoticker, good tools, but as far as programming stuff, I pay tickquest or let our hard working, ever dilligent CIO do the tech stuff, I am always looking for alternatives that is why I asked.

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  2. Yeah I did look at it, the evolution of VSA so to speak. Supposedly the reworked the bugs in the software before changing it to tradeguider.

    I meant GTIS feed aka E signal forex data feed.
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  3. There is no volume in spot Forex but esignal calls it volume. What it really is bid changes. They have about 150 banks that makeup their feed and every time a bank changes or updates their bid then eSignal counts that in the volume. While it is NOT volume, it does show trading activity as active markets have prices updating rapidly and slow markets obviously have slower price updates.

    We use this as a substitute for volume and it works very well. Our balance point tool shows where most traders have positions for the day or over the last X minutes. In my opinion its a much better support/resistance tool than even the pivots which also work very well.
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  4. I am always shocked at how easily annoyed people are. I'm an honest person, tell it like it is. I do my very best getting our new traders making money as fast as possible. They get SIDETRACKED so easily! My job as their coach is to get them to focus on what really matters. Trading with the trend, money management, buying uptrends on pullbacks, shorting downtrends on rallies, knowing statistically when the trends are likely to stall and reverse, etc.

    If my bluntness in the class offended your delicate sensibilities I deeply apologize. I really don't care if I offend some people. The majority of my class love my teaching because I've transformed most of them from losing traders into winners. Trading can be brutal, most people lose at it. It could be compared to war.

    Do you really think in boot camp the sergeant hand holds the troups or do you think AT TIMES he is rough with them, tries to make them men, and to learn the REALITIES of war.

    Yes I can be an asshole in the training room, I've toned it down over the last few months because of criticism. But when I think of the alternatives between saying something HONEST and blunt and keeping my mouth shut, I'll be honest. Because if traders don't get the point that not taking small losses is the way to go, if traders don't use the tools that we give them and end up losing money because of it, I want that behavior to stop.

    My goal as a trainer is to get every one of my traders profitable. Trading isn't for everyone, not only do you need to know how to trade which is what I teach them, you also need certain psychological traits, TOUGHNESS, Patience, Discipline to exit with a small loss, a non quitting attitude, ability to overcome greed and exit with reasonable profits vs letting profitable trade turn into loss, and many more attributes. I could get dozens of my students to come in here and post what they think about me, you will see almost all positive reviews because I do care about them and their success.

    I have at times in the class said "If you know you are wrong, get the @#$ out of the trade! If you don't, you're an idiot." "If you don't want to make money trading forex then don't use the Fibs"

    I have also many times berated myself for stupid decisions that have cost me money, I have been an idiot many times in trading over the years, not accepting I was wrong and letting my ego get the best of me.

    I have not responded to these posts because I don't really care what people think of me, our results speak for themselves and most of our traders make money.
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  5. I agree with you that you shouldn't do business with someone you think is a jerk. But am I really a jerk in that I only want our traders consistently making money and seeing them make the same mistakes over and over sometimes frustrates me and I tend to be maybe too blunt with them to get them to STOP making the same mistakes?

    In any sort of behavior modification, how do you get people to STOP bad habits and replace them with good and profitable ones? I've tried being nice, teaching and reviewing the same systems and methods day after day. And while most people learn and become profitable over time I still see some consistently lose. This REALLY bothers me. Maybe some of our traders will tell you I'm too honest or blunt and even an asshole at times, none of them will tell you I don't care about them or their success.
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  6. Ok, I will take some advice. How do you get traders who keep making the SAME mistake over and over, lets say for this example NOT exiting losing trades at their stop loss level. How do you get them to stop this bad behavior and replace it with one that will reduce their losses and increase their profits, cut losses short!

    I've tried being nice and reviewing the principles and systems, I feel that over time I need to sometimes be hard on people. Get them to face reality. Taking 100 pip losses IS stupid, am I really a jerk pointing out the obvious? :)
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  7. thoams


    You don't care about them, nor their success.
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  8. What makes you say that? Most of our traders originally signed up for our training and we had about 10 training videos. I created 45 more and put online. We originally had class once a week and I realized that wasn't good enough and only 35 to 40% of our users at the time were making money so I upped it to EVERY day at noon. Our traders pay a rediculously low fee for training and we have provided more than we promised.

    I go out of my way to help my traders, a few months ago I setup a phone conference and about 80 of us traded over the phone every day for a few weeks until I saw a change in their trading results.

    Is this a sign of someone who doesn't care?

    In my opinion the truth is the truth and the rest is BS. Many people are offended by this but I'm willing to give anybody free training in the forex for a week. Let's THEN discuss how good or bad my training is and how good the software that Mike and I have created. He's a brilliant programmer and in my opinion my indicators and trading systems he has coded into our software are equally as brilliant. There's a reason we give away our software and esignal free, they work!

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  9. Sure, come into our room. The ONLY thing I really care about is trading, improving our trading systems and getting everyone in my group profitable. I don't care if you think I'm an asshole. Some days I am, very hard to trade and get 5 or 6 people calling every hour with questions, or for support, having 3 people IMing me at the same time and STILL staying calm. I'd like to see any of you try it before you judge me. :) Most of you would go nuts if you had to juggle so much while also having large positions in the market you are trying to stay on top of too!

    And yeah I know we need to hire employees but I like working out of my house and not having those additional headaches. In the end I really just want to trade and keep developing profitable trading systems. I doubt you'd think I'm an asshole if I was making you 50 to 100% per month. :) By the way you only need 10 pips on average per day to do that.
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  10. Hey Chris, take a deep breath, you getting a bit too worked up, don't you think? Almost exactly like when I was in the training room before Christmas. When I asked you about back testing more than 10 days and you said that was bullshit and it doesn't work? And then you proceeded to go off on some of the students whom didn't make money that day. Now you may be totally right about the back testing, as I am totally new to back testing, but can't you see how that would put off prospective customers?

    Now to be totally objective, as I always strive to be, you also said you liked my rachet for the chandilier stops, so you weren't being a total ass. You kinda remind me of my old GM in sales. The guy cared about people, but he was a mean SOB sometimes. The difference between you and him though, is that he got to know you before he would be an asshole or abuse someone.

    As I have said objectively, you guys have some unique tools. I might even reconsider forex trading over currency futures for something such as Top Gun. Heck I would even like to see someone call some winners in Leverage FX, that's why I originally showed up there that day. Pipsqueek says one of your star students makes consistent money, that's great, if that's the case.

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