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  1. KP, how do you get your volume #s off of the forex feeds?

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  2. if the Chris is Chris Donnell or Chris ODonnell, he is an absolute scumbag. I don't throw that term around lightly, but this particular guy is a real prick. I was working with him on developing an automated system and to make a long story short, he basically stole my ideas, coded them into one of his systems and from there never returned phone calls or emails. I was even introduced to him by someone I trusted, but I had a miserable experience with this guy. He has a bad attitude and no sense of ethics. Stay far, far away from this group. I wouldn't trust them at all, with anything. They probably trade against their subscribers....
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  3. Top Gun software and Tradeguider both are able to show volume from forex feeds, so I find comments quite puzzling that you cannot get volume from a forex feed.

    Top Gun shows buy sell volume, volume histogram as well as volume profile. In addition you can sum buy sell pressure between each swing high and low. Tradeguider shows a volume histogram.

    Geniechartist is another charting program that shows forex volume.

    This is a recent chart of the Pound vs Dollar, showing the type of chart you would expect to see using any time frame, in any vehicle using high, low, close and volume. The arrows pointing up or down are based on the principles of supply and demand, and appear automatically. These arrows are called signs of strength or weakness appearing in the market. The reason they are called strength or weakness, rather than the usual hyped up buy or sell signals is that we feel that it our job to show you how the top professional traders really analyse the markets, your skill as a trader then has to develop around this information.

    This is not a new program, as it has been around for some time, well known to top professional traders around the world. The program displayed ‘Genie Chartist’ has been completely rewritten using modern programming techniques, however the principles used (Supply and Demand) has not, and never will change as long as mankind are trading these markets.

    Wyckoff SMI is a course that teaches how to analyse supply and demand.
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  4. Aha, I didn't say I couldn't, just asked how KP how he/she got their volume.

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    PS if you use Top Gun what do you think of nysescalpas comments?

    PSS you forgot the chart, I think

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    as they say customer is king, if I pay for a product I expect some sort of professional conduct. if I know the product excellent but service is not I wouldn't be bother, imho.
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  6. Man, bought it hook line and sinker, I feel like a big dummy. Good job Pipsqueek, I congratulate you on your skill :D

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  7. Wasn't referring to you about reading volume, just referring to prior posts re:volume. Yes KP gets his volume using VSA with Tradeguider, but I find that VSA signals on Tradeguider to be lagging, and certainly not worth $2,000. Nice con job they have going. Undeclared secrets of the stock market. These guys are going to help you beat the market makers. Yes you can read price and volume but you better learn it from the original, Wyckoff, and I think this has been hashed over in the Tradeguider posts.

    As far as nysescalpas comments, I can't dispute what he has to say about Chris, all I'm saying is that I use the software and ignore Chris's ignorance. The chart is on the Autochartist page but its the same type of chart you can find at Tradeguider.
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  8. Currently I am using CMS and they supply volume information on their Visual Trader platform.

    I do not use tradeguider, but they get their forex volume through e-singal. If you have e-singal then you have access to this activity (tick) volume.

    I am such a believer in volume that I would not open an account with a forex broker that did not offer some kind of volume. It is not as goods as e-signals, since theirs is a composite of many banks, but it's what we have.
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  9. Pip, please explain how you can compare these features of autochartist with the features of tradeguider 5 min (19th%20March)%20Chart7.jpg

    Autochartist does basic pattern scan, unless I missed something, whereas tradeguider handles volume analysis?

    I actually read up quite abit on the GITS feed, from tradeguider's website, that's impressive, quite a few different contributors.

    I am pretty interested in tradeguider, after seeing some videos, but I also have read almost every complaint about them on both ET and Trade2Win. So I will see how their live webinar/demo goes with an objective eye. I am looking seriously, because a trader, whom I respect very much, said after approx. 20 years of trading and 100k in seminars and software, he now only trades with price and volume, that's it.

    I would still consider Top Gun, even though Chris is a jerk at time, I just don't really want to trade forex, because I am real comfortable with the currency futures and the benefits over forex. The only way Chris would teach me was if I purchased it outright, not even with the $150 a month license, which I am not willing to do with no guarantee. Atleast tradeguider has a 30 day refund/guarantee. I recall topgun is free with one of their brokers with 10 full lot trades per month.
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  10. Not comparing them. Autochartist, (oops should have been Geniechartist) is the forerunner of Tradeguider.

    Poke around a bit on their website. Click on "What is VSA". Geniechartist morphed in to VSA Versions 1 - 7, then it morphed again in to Tradeguider.

    GITS Feed???
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