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  1. Duly noted. Not to belabor the point, yes fibs are a common tool in all charts, just that they can help but only if you use them. Chris lets us know that there is no holy grail that you use whatever you can to get a slight edge. At least Chris is sincere and really works to help get us tools to help us make money. Which is the name of the game. There are a lot of scams out there in forex country, but I can tell you Chris is not one of them.
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  2. It doesn't show quotes by banks but by brokers - I can see FXCM, CoesFX, FXDD, GAIN etc. I don't know all the abreviations, but I don't think that they are refering to banks. But maybe I'm wrong ?!
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  3. You can use whatever "system" you want to when using this software. Bottom line is that if offers some indicators that you can't find elsewhere which is why I use it.

    Also, you don't need to use the broker that Chris is an IB for but of course, you then need to pay for the software monthly or you can buy it outright.
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  4. Geez, you guys only see what you want to see. Hmmmm, you don't know the abbreviations but you assume that "can't be, impossible to get bank quotes from a forex feed". Did you look at the post with the link to the list of banks at top of page 4 from Esignal. Took a snap of bidview now, when some banks are open. Seems to me to be some banks here. And also the link to the Esignal page with Bank codes. Yes surprising what a cracker jack programmer can do with forex data feed, guess you guys aren't programmers.

    ABAA ABN-Amro, Amsterdam
    BL Barclays Bank, London
    KZ Katonalbank, Zurich
    SBD Saxo Bank, Copenhagen
    CM Currency Management Corp, London
    AD Allied Irish Bank, Dublin
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  5. taowave


    Hi Dan,

    Would you please elaborate on "running stats on a 5 day mov avg"???

    Are you saying he uses the 5 day mov avg as some sort of benchmark??

    Is that his measure for whether to swing trade vs trend trade??

    Is a 5 day MA correlated to his system??

    Not sure what you are reffering to,but I am curious
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  6. ES, curious as why you would compare Investor RT to Top Gun. I didn't think that Investor RT had a forex version. I know they have teamed up with MarketDelta and have a decent Market Profile product. I know I might consider Investor RT if I was trading futures. Top Gun has a Market Profile study but not as detailed as Linnsoft/MarketDelta.
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  7. Its not as cut and dried as you make it out to be. First off there are 2 items that we are talking about, one is a managed autotraded forex account that is to be implemented at some time in the future. The other strategy is using the heat map and no its not as simple as buy on the green arrow. There are many components to be aware of when considering a trade, as it is with any system. You guys are so jaded with one quack system after another that you just pooh pooh anything that comes along. I suppose you have a system that does better than Chris's system. Maybe you could set up a comparison so you can "expose his system". You listen for 5 minutes and its a shill operation and all the newbies are frothing. Well if you come to the LeverageFX paltalk room and watch chiet92801 making calls in "REAL Real Time" maybe then you can draw some concusions. Chiet92801 scalps 50 - 100 pips a session and call it what you will but its not a shill operation. You can go back to your system if you have one, and delude yourself with your own shill operation.
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  8. Keep optimizing for the last 10 days and you will have a system perfectly suited to trade the last 10 days.... Unfortunately, I have yet to find a broker that will take a "market at price 1-10 days ago" order.

    Backtesting has limits and most people do it incorrectly. Optimization is always a mistake. Things that work, work on all markets and in all timeframes. Things that work, work going forward and worked looking back. How well they work going forward, we can not know for sure. What is for sure is that we must have to trade on the live edge of the chart.
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  9. It means that he runs a 5 day average on backtesting all of his methods to determine if they results still look good enough to trade with, moving forward. Atleast, going off memory, that's what I think he meant. :)
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  10. You know pipsqueek, I would like to see some live calls in the leveragefx room, sincerly. I spent almost 2 days in the room, before Christmas, and didn't see any calls? I just saw chat and a couple of invites, from Chris, to sit in on their training. After my objective feedback, I don't know that Chris would want me in his room though :D
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