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  1. Anyone use the charting package from TopGun?

    Thoughts, comments, concerns?

  2. If you go to's room in Paltalk, he will probably give you a free look at it. I got a couple of looks at it last week. I have looked at before it appears to have some unique tools, but I don't care much for Chris' ( develper's) attitude. He said to his clients last week if you aren't using fibonanci you guys are idiots. He also responded to my criticism of only backtesting 10 trading sessions of data by saying people that backtest months or years doesn't work and it was bullshit. Trading is hard enough without having a condescending jerk for a teacher IMO.

    I do like their net/buy sell pressure honestly. I don't know if it works. They claim to be able to track all of the big banks in forex, but I don't see how that is possible. He says he uses Esignal data for forex, but my understanding of how Esignal works is they get their data from your broker and then put it into an Esignal chart. I am not sure as I trade currency futures not forex at the moment. I just find it hard to believe the interbank dealers would allow top gun to track all of their trades.

    They may really have a good product. But his constant hyping of it and he crappy attitude has me saying no for now.

  3. Is this the software that gives free esig for volume traders?
  4. I think so. You can check it out on or
  5. How does this software compare with Investor R/T?
  6. ES, what is Investor R/T?
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    I hate to give any airspace to this guy - we had to ban him a couple of times for spamming.
    But I want to point out that the "free esignal" is not true. What they give is forexcharts FROM esignal. And that is no better than the free charts you get from FXCM etc. Gaincapital and maybe some other brokers also give these out. It is misleading, and almost false advertising, that these brokers are calling it ESignal, as traders assume it is the usual esignal product, not this one of hundreds forexfeed.
  8. dandxg - " I don't care much for Chris' ( develper's) attitude"

    Boy, you're not kidding. As it happened, I was in the "Leverage FX Room" today (bored). Talk about attitude. Apparently these guys just came out with a new "system". Seems they're into black box stuff now. Someone in the room asked about the mechanics behind the signals and was told "to not worry about it, just buy on the green arrow, its been backtested successfully."

    Sounds like they are going to go in the direction of managed accounts. And he's got all these newbies just frothing at the prospect. Just another shill operation in the making if you ask me...
  9. Yeah, Chris was talking about that exact same thing when I brought my criticism of only 10 days of backtesting. I am only just learning about backtesting, but 10 days doesn't make me feel comfortable.
  10. Sorry I asked, but glad I did.

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