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    The Rake

    Anyone out there using Top Gun software? Why or why not?
  2. Here is a link to the reviews from one of the members here on Elite. You should not beleive what is wrote here on this board without first hand knowledge. Let me know personally what you think of TopGun. The software as you say looks far superior to other products available but the data feeds used along side this product are a let down. When eSignal is lagging any third party products will lag aswell.
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    The Rake

    I am going to use IQ Feed....I hate E-signal. Unfortunatley my options for data are limited if I want integrated technology so I have to pick IQ Feed by my experience still better than a free data feed (not gauranteed anything). Do you know anyone using Top Gun program? THANK YOU FOR THE RESPONSE.
  4. I don't know anybody using this software. I had a very good demo off Chris a while back. I would use this product in the morning if I could get a better data feed. When you speak to Chris ask him can the TopGun Platform use data from any other sources? I send in an email with no responce.
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    One of many past posts by smalltrader about Topgun.
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    The Rake

    I have gotten very quick and helpful responses...DTN and E-Signal are the two they respoded with. I would like more options and I don't really understand why TG is not compatible with more/all data providers....but IQ Feed will work for now. I will have setup operating by Wed/Thurs at the latest. I will let you know what happens. Thanks again for the exchange.

    Also - While you are here....what setup are you using/have used? Always looking for advancements in tech....
  7. From what I understand, Top Gun software performs a lot of tick data analysis, so it can only use tick data feeds. These are feeds that have complete time and sales info like esignal. An IB data feed doesn't have this so it won't work properly with the software.

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    Hi,Your software looks way ahead of anything out there today. Don't let some asshole's get to you on this board. There are allot of snakes floating around this board using alias names and always run down any trader of software that produces a good system. I have gotten a few pm's from traders here who had nothing but good to say about your software so keep up the good work. I will have a trial within the next month or so. What part of the US time zone are you in EST?

    One of many past posts by smalltrader about Topgun.

    May I ask you why you would post this comment? I have nothing to do with TopGun. I did review allot of the material on this product from their website but I never used the product because of the data feeds needed to use their software. The TopGun software does look to me to be way ahead of what is available to date but that said if the data feed (eSignal DTN IQ) is lagging TopGun will not perform. I got a few PM's from a few traders last year with their views on this product. As I have not used this product and didn't avail of the trial I would not and could not give first hand knowledge as to the pro's and con's of this software. All I posted was the review section on this product. As there are allot of spammers that come to this board I had to ask THE RAKE was he or she spamming or have a genuine interest in the TopGun Software. I honestly don't like the way my previous post was put in this thread, I'd like to know why you posted it Roberk and for what benefit? I don't want a slagging match and I have nothing to do with this product if thats what you ment by your post?

    Thank you
  9. I sent the RAKE a PM to ask how the trial went a couple of weeks ago. To date I have not gotten a responce. I wonder if the RAKE is actually from TopGun? Its starting to look like this. The only posts from this individual are about the TopGun Software?
  10. ehh, Lets give him the benefit of the doubt, he could have died in a horrible car accident.
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