Top gun Software Vs Kiwkpop?

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  1. Any body used both and has an opinion?

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    I would say about as useful as wizetrade.
  3. Software is just a tool, you give a good tool to a poor craftsman, and the output will be hastily put together, and poorly fabricated. On the other hand, you give the most basic of hand tools to a skilled craftsman, and you can get a work of art. Ask yourself, what are you looking to do, and find the software that will help you do it. Most of these products are overkill, and if you talk to many successful traders, you'll find that what works best is the simple stuff, keep it simple, stupid.
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  5. Search ET on both.

    I have never used Top Gun, but if I wasn't so invested in learning and used a method I would probably give it a go.

    It has some really nice tools like plotting statistical info, although they are focused on Forex almost exclusively, which I am not interested in.

    Go to their website for for forex and ask them for a 1 week pass. You can sit in their educational class at lunch hour and see Chris go through some tools. I have been in there for last few days. 2nd time in their educational room.

    Kwip Pop I have never used nor seen at all.
  6. Doubtful on that front and definately I dont recall anyone here doubting the integrity of the above vendors. Really mate it is just embarrassing your flagrant arse kissing they must be paying plenty cash to have you guys defend them so vigourously I notice PureTick never got the same treatment.


    Bet this gets deleted
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    I know Wayne Harrison of Kwikpop lives and breathes trading 20 hours a day, he's a great guy and Kwikpop is great for newbys. I especially like how he emphasizes only taking high probability setups with the trend and how Kwikpop highlights them so a blind man couldn't miss them, good discipline for the new trader