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  1. Hi

    We all have heard about the traders, from the market wizard collection..

    How about only FX traders, many of the richest traders in the world have made their capital mostly in derivatives, (futures) and Forex!

    Mr Soros is off course a legendary currency trader,

    another very good FX trader is Bill Lipschutz, (also profiled i new market wizards)

    And JP McManus, who mainly manages only his own money, and is veery good at it..

    Any other Forex traders?

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    Bruce Covner ,he's best result was
    long timebefore approx 100% on capital 300 mln$ best year in modern price through relation part in GDP

    But Simons ,which trade shares
    have performed 70% before fees for last 18 years .In 2006 fro m3.3bln$ unti l6 bln $ with Medallion fund

    suspect that fX trader performed worster against Schwartz or Minerwini

    Schwartz performed fro m70k$ until 2.1 mln$ in 3 years ,but he have place on exchange .

    In modern price you must mutiple
    capital some 3 time#s

    minervini perfored 243 time's in 5 years on he's personal account
  3. Warren Buffett, he catched all the upside movement of the Euro (53%), since 2002.
  4. warren is smart, as for the rest they either never traded or got lucky. Warren's money is NOT from trading/investing (but he is a great investor). As for Soros he did not trade anything. He hired traders, and by process of luck/elimination and high leverage (with OPM) he made it big. That is it!
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    Joe Lewis
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    Grossman QFS?
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    Z CoMaNdAtOrE from france, he did 650% in one month trading gold and euro...real money

    one anonymous from Australia performed 855% on 3000$
    in fxcm king of the mini contest with GBP/JPY
    against 4000 participants

    trading record was sended before to et
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    # Participation in the game is free. Participants must give their valid contact

    It is paper money .By margin 1:100
    paper money result some 4000%
    per month


    or 5500 % in two month by trader2007

    result have limited value ,prize money
    in Germany some 90 000 euro for
    first place (new jaguar XK) are very good .

    through Germany law prize moeny are not taxed (author was winner of the week) If result performed with real money tax until 40-45%

    Winner of prize money in paper game typicaly have real money account and i n10 years have good chance with limitation of the risk to make from
    100 000 euro 2-5 mln .

    For pure retail ,suspect that is limit

    in Germany each year partizipated some 15 000 player ,it is only fraction of % of all retail operators in Germany

    I.e. 1 from 15000 partizipant or
    1 from multiple millions all have a chance to make in retail sector
    2-5 mln in 10 years.

    It is comparable with lotto .

    Another way try to win contest for fund manager by PFG ,prize can be manage
    1 mln $ fund .Good start for carrier
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