Top Dog Trading

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by farmboy, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. farmboy


    Has anyone heard anything good or bad about Top Dog Trading? Please give me your comments and experiences.
  2. Here we go again a 1 poster replying to a 2 poster. You shills really shouldnt be so lazy then the fact you are shills and therefore dont like actual work it sort of makes sense.
  3. never heard of them but with a name like "Top Dog" you know its gotta blow...
  4. Yeah it's ridiculous how predictable this game is.
  5. Yes, I agree, it is quite the Contrarian Indicator! LOL
  6. Aok


    I didn't know Michael Vick had a trading website.
  7. jmoo


    This is the best bs website for trading, watch how he pulls up in his hummer and sells you the dream...
  8. farmboy


    Thank you jmoo for the website I will check it out.
  9. So easy a smart monkey could do it

    hahahaha. I wonder if scientists have tested this before. hahahahaha
  10. I wonder if Mikey is the Top Dog in his prison
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