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    Over the yrs Ive been to mostly every stockroom out there- read every book -tried every method- ran a couple systems of my own making , but theirs alot of guys that know much more than me so i would like to ask you guys who you think are the best traders and trading sites-preferablly with performance records of some type .I mean traders that actually make money not the carnival callers and blow hards that write books about glorie days but couldnt trade to save their freakin lives now. thnx
  2. You might be reading the wrong books. There is no site that will make you rich while you pay them a small amount a month. Does it even sound logical? The best traders are the people that don’t write books or talk a lot. Why write a book for a little bit of money and share your secrets when you can trade them and make a lot of money. Traders are capitalist after all.
  3. The link below will let you see profit/loss statements of some very good traders.

    However, it seems like your actually interested in traders that will share with you the details of their methodology.

    Thus, the above link may be of no value to you unless you start contacting those traders via pm to see which one will share with you a few trading tip gold nuggets.


  4. What are you looking for, hedge fund, mentor, system?
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    I want to be in with the best stock traders out there ....if thats possible
  6. You ARE!!! ;P
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    looks like a picture out of Trader monthly ....youngest top traders?
  9. Then you are looking to join a group.
  10. of traders hopefully. Watch out for the kool aid salesmen. Plenty on this site.
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